View Full Version : So when Cut-scene comse???

21-12-08, 19:42
So dose any body now when we will be able to download all cut-scene from TRU in tombraiderchronicles.com??? And don't give me other site link....I don't like there graphic....

21-12-08, 20:48
Chances are, it will be after new year and then some...

I think TRU is still selling like hot cakes, so Eidos and CD don't want people spoiling the game for themselves by watching the cutscenes. They would rather we ran out and paid 30 for it..

So, a while is my answer. :)


21-12-08, 20:50
you can get them at croftgeneration.com

21-12-08, 21:38
There are some users here who have recorded them themselves and made them available for download.