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Dragon Eye
22-12-08, 13:20
Write here what moment's in tomb raider games made you sad and almost cry

22-12-08, 13:37
There were many for me.

TRII Ending Video, Thought Lara had died in the fire at first :vlol:
TRTLR Ending Video, Lara being burried in the tomb, a few tears.
TRC Opening Video, Lara's funeral thing.
TRAOD Kurtis dying, Lara picking up the chirugai and walking into the darkness.
TRL Absolutely nothing
TRA Absolutely nothing
TRU Hearing the first 4 notes of the original main theme in the game ending, didnt cry, but made me very emotional.

22-12-08, 13:40
TRTLR-Lara falling into the pyramid:p lol
Seeing Larson get shot in TRA,
Seeing Karel defeated in TRAOD...and Kurtis fall:p...yes I know, crazy huh?:p
The AOD and TRU themes make me emotional,

The TRA ending when the boat fade into the distance

22-12-08, 13:40
Probably when Larson dies in TRA. :p They definitely made it more emotional than the original. Lara feeling the guilt and all.

Mad Tony
22-12-08, 14:08

'Nuff said. Didn't make me sad, but it did make me extremely annoyed that the Tomb Raider series ended up like this.

22-12-08, 14:12
when Larson dies in TRA...

when Lara's mother, Amelia gets "sucked" by that portal in Nepal

when Lara tries to stop her mother from pulling the Excalibur, but her mother pulls it...

22-12-08, 14:17
TR1- The Main Theme music really makes me feel isolated, secluded, mysterious, sad

TR2 - It makes me sad watching Winston for the first time as the old man walk staggering, carrying his tea set on a tray, glasses tinkering and clattering, and he farted occasionally, painfully.

TR3 - After freeing the jail mates in Area 51, they all oogle at Lara like they never see a woman before, which is sad. Good that they make great bonzer and bodyguards, killing the annoying securities.

TR4 - Lara entombed in Seth Temple.

TR5 - Lara's memorial statue and the fact that she was dead.

Aod - Luddick's demise.
- Werner's apartment. It's weird being in a dead person's house, awkward and sad because that's all they left behind.
- Kurtis being stabbed and he passed out.
- Lara walking into the darkness at the end..that's the end of the Lara we know.

TRL - Absolutely Nothing.
TRA - Absolutely Nothing
TRU - Absolutely Nothing

22-12-08, 14:29
It's very hard to make me cry.
But I really loved Kurtis' Death,even though I didn't cry.

Night Crawler
22-12-08, 14:29
Angel of Darkness made me cry with frustration.

22-12-08, 14:32
I'm not very sensitive with video games. :p No moment ever made me feel like crying, but I guess the saddest moments would be:

- Kurtis dying;
- Lara's look just before the pyramid entrance crushes down;
- And (this is weird I know) in TR3 when you enter a room in Aldwych behind a pillar and there's a Damned guy with his dog just looking out the "window", with a very melancholic music playing - it feels really sad and lonely! I didn't want to kill them.. :( lol

Also the atmosphere in Chronicles during the intro and FMVs is a bit depressing too... For obvious reasons!

22-12-08, 14:54
TR1 - the music in caves where you walk up the stairs with darts and vilcabamba the axe corridor
TR2 - the old butler winston carrying tea trays and locking him in the freezer
TR3 - saying goodbye to classic mansion after the game ended
TR4 - lara being buried in the tomb at the end
TR5 - Lara's funeral thing
TR6 - kurtis dying and the end of the game where lara walks into the darkness and saying goodbye to classic lara after the game ended
TRL - None
TRA - None
TRU - None

22-12-08, 15:15
TR1: i can't think of any
TR2: dead monks
TR3: the leprous people in london
TR4: the end, theme music
TR5: the funeral
TR6: lara's fall from grace
TR7: where is my mother
TR8: you're not my mother
TRA: i can't think of any

22-12-08, 15:28
Sad moments?
When Lara "dies" in The Last Revelation
The beginning of Chronicles
Werner's death, Carvier's death (even If we don't see it, Janice talks about it, and I really liked that old lady) and Boaz' death in AoD
And, in TRL, TRA and TRU, the saddest moments were when I played and realized the 3 games sucked real bad and that I wasted money on them :p

22-12-08, 15:32
TRLR-"No more Set?"
TRC-Lara's funeral
TRU-"Goodbye mother, rest in peace" then the 4 notes from the original Tomb Raider play.

Those are the only sad bits that I can think of really.

Mad Tony
22-12-08, 15:43
TRU-"Goodbye mother, rest in peace" then the 4 notes from the original Tomb Raider play.Surely that'd be a good moment? No more mommy! :D

Tina Croft
22-12-08, 16:06
TR1: haven't played it yet
TR2: when i play through this amazing game and it ends
TR3: can't remember^^
TR4: theme, ending
TR5: intro
TR6: theme, Werner's death, Carvier's death, Karel's "death", the ending
TRL: the cutscene in which we see Amelia disappering, last cutscene
TRA: Pierre's death :p, Larson's death
TRU: haven't played it yet

22-12-08, 16:11
Surely that'd be a good moment? No more mommy! :D

I liked the "mommy" story. I was just sad because it was the end of an era lol :o

22-12-08, 16:14
Definitely the ending of TR:TLR. I remember my cousin was over when we completed it and we were both in full-on jaw-on-the-floor mode :eek:

22-12-08, 16:17
Alot of things in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness made me feel sad, I guess. Its probably due to the more dramatic and darker storyline and whatnot. But I still question if Lara in Tomb Raider: Legend actually had any emotion?:confused: