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22-12-08, 13:53
Anybody have a christmas plan that they use every year we celebrate?

Christmas eve night - Go to my nans and grandad
Christmas day - Get up, open presents, nan and grandad come around and join us for christmas dinner. After that, once my nan and grandad have gone home, we have a game of Monopoly.
Boxing day - Other nan && Step grandad come round for a bit.


22-12-08, 13:59
Christmas Eve - Watch some Christmas movies with the family. Then stay up all night waiting for Santa... *cough* Lmao, jokes.

Christmas Day - My brothers coming up for Christmas. And we all usually go through to my Gran and Grandads for a while.

Boxing Day - Play all my new games, try on all my new clothes. Blah blah blah. :)

22-12-08, 14:10
Christmas eve: see my friend for the last time before she goes back to singapore :P

X-mas: prezziessssssss

Boxing day: off skiing in Austria :jmp:

(oh yeah and the 23rd is my birthday;))

22-12-08, 14:11
Christmas eve-Spend some time with my dad, go for a walk with my dad and sister and not much else

Christmas Day-Open presents, Go to the Church Service:hug:
Come home and play guitar and stuff:p

Boxing day-Guitar, Guitar and more guitar...:p lol

can you guess I got a new guitar:p

22-12-08, 14:29