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22-12-08, 21:45
If this should be in Tech Support, please move :)

So, a forum recently closed and I'm trying to open it up again. I'm looking for
Top Domain (.com, .co.uk, .net)
No Ads
No Member or post limit
Reasonable price (4 to 12 monthly, 40 to 60 yearly)
Decent Space and Bandwith
Good Forum host - MyBB etc. NOT PHPBB!!!

Preferably, I don't want to have to go buy a server and what not. But then, I know nothing about all of this. If someone could stage the steps and guide me through it I'd be very grateful.

By decent, make of that what you will.

Remember, I'z a total lyk n00b.

22-12-08, 22:23
no idea sorry

Tomb-Analysist, why don't you analyse your post, and work out what
exactly you have added to this topic by posting ?

To the OP, PM justin, he'll probably be able to guide you :) There are
plenty of lovely php forums out there, and the adverts are just like the
ones on here, perfectly small really, and barely noticeable :)

22-12-08, 23:54
What you basically need is a host that gives you the space and bandwidth you need (this will depend on the number of users and how active they are, plus whether or not they are allowed to upload images to your site etc. etc.), and whatever you need to run your forum software - that's usually one MySQL database and support for PHP.
And of course, a domain to go with it. All this is so basic that you can get it at virtually any hosting company. You will certainly be able to find this for about 5 GBP a month, but, again depending on the number of users and their activity, the included bandwidth you get for those 5 pounds may not be enough. The cheapest deal will also not get you the best connectivity and server resources. Do you know anything about your expected traffic? That's the main decider here.

Some providers can automatically install forum software for you, others can't. You can always do this yourself manually, provided that you're allowed to upload all the required files, but if you have a package that has the above requirements, that will certainly be the case.

23-12-08, 00:36
check out www.bluehost.com