View Full Version : How do you usually pass 24th and 25th of December ?

23-12-08, 22:04
Usually in the 24th, I wake up like I do in every holiday day at 10:30 AM. Then on to playing some games till 19:00 PM, after that I have dinner and go to the house where my family decided to wait for mid night to give/receive presents. Some open their presents after mid-night. But I keep them for the next day to avoid seing people watching my reactions to the present they give me, I for some reason hate that. When I get to home I can't sleep maybe because of the exciment even knowning that 25th will be the same of each year. In the next morning I always wake up early so I open the presents and make the usual, clothes to there, sweets to here, wanted gift on my hands, which is usually a game or so, and I go playing it. Then maybe having lunch with my family or not, it depends of the mood. :o

Well share how do you pass these two days :D

23-12-08, 22:07