View Full Version : Bruised pride?

23-12-08, 22:50
I've held this friendship with a friend for 3 years. At the beginning of this year our friendship got a little mediocre and was causing problems but we managed to smooth our problems out with awkward talks. One day while talking to her with other classmates online, one ignorant person sent this comment to me; ''No one likes you Gena, except for Emma.''

This statement is inaccurate, (funnily enough) It actually got me angry, and bothered me all day, but I never used to be this sensitive before to petty things. Why am I getting all huffy all of a sudden? I know I'll get over this easily in a few days or so but...am I getting a little too over-thetop?

24-12-08, 16:00
If this has been going on for three years, then over time, of course you're going to develop further impatience and anger. I used to forget things easily, but after being angered so much, I grew tired, and therefore don't forget things as easily as I used to.

Certain things can bother me for hours now. Back then, it would have only lasted half an hour or something.

Terra Inclined
24-12-08, 20:38
My dear...it is best to turn the other cheek. Why? because if you know it's not true, why get bothered by it? That person wants this reaction from you, just don't give a damn about what people say. Build a wall from their stones. :)