View Full Version : Found another cool online radio station

tlr online
01-05-04, 22:47
www.radioparadise.com (http://www.radioparadise.com) - good selection of music suiting all taste buds. I'm listening via iTUNES but the streams are available using other media players too.

01-05-04, 22:54
Just started listening. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

tlr online
01-05-04, 23:00
Bit of a reggae thing going on this evening. In keeping with Radio Paradise tho…

01-05-04, 23:01
Nice mellow music. Just right for this time of night.

01-05-04, 23:05
I've got half a dozen MixMag CDs that I haven't had chance to listen to yet...plus one that can be used as a beer mat (Drum 'n' Bass :rolleyes: )

02-05-04, 02:06
Ahhh very cool tlr. :D