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02-05-04, 21:07
I m a great Tomb Raider fan and specially Lara Croft LOVER. But these days I m quite sad abt Tomb Raider.
When TR : Angel of Darkness was abt to release , I was so excited abt it just like everybody else. I played the game and liked it very much but soon I came to know that TR AOD has flopped, it has been a great disappointment. Then I read some reviews and finally I understood y people say that TR AOD is simply garbage. Though , I like TR AOD , but wat really makes me feel disappointed and sad is that mostly people have disliked TR AOD . Infact , those who like it r actually hardcore TR and Lara Croft fans that's y they like this TR episode.

The problem is that my sadness is increasing day by day. I thought that Tomb Raider was one of the most hittest games/franchises in the world. But now it seems that I was wrong.

A month ago, Gamespy.com held the Ultimate Gaming Grudge ,that was a Title Fight.64 games were nominated , it included only a title/episode of a game instead of the whole franchise , Tomb Raider 1 was also there. I expected that Tomb Raider , if not the winner, atleast will be in final 4 or final 8 BUT....
Tomb Raider's first match was with Quake 2 , I thought, Tomb Raider would easily win Quake 2 but it lost. I was shocked, I saw the voting results and found that Tomb Raider had not just lost but very badly lost. There was a great difference!!!

I was really sad abt that Tomb Raider has lost so early. Doom was going very strong in that Title Fight , the reason being that it was the King or u can say the Father of First Person Shooter Genre. But I think Tomb Raider 1 is the King of Action/Adventure Genre. Then y it lost so badly to that...Quake 2. Btw , in the semi-finals , Doom was lost by Super Mario Bros. 3 and Halo was thrown away by Half Life , and finaly Half Life won Mario. If Tomb Raider had lost by either Doom,Half Life or Super Mario , I had been OK but I think Tomb Raider was alot better than even Halo.

Then it came to my mind that I should see the rating of all episodes of Tomb Raider at some good website , so I opened IGN.com and found that none of Tomb Raider's episodes have even a rating of 9/10 , except Tomb Raider 1(Playstation) which has 9.3/10 . Recently , Beyond Good and Evil had 9.0 . I was even more shocked.

Also , I like Tomb Raider Movie alot. I know that TR2 Cradle of Life has'nt been that good but the first episode , IMO , was great. But now I've came to know this harsh truth that people don't like Tomb Raider Movie. I've heard alot of criticism
of it.

Then I came back here to tell all u guys wat I feel and wat I saw here in AOD forums was a topic like this "Wat's the worst AOD review have u read?" , then some people r complaining abt Kurtis so much , while I like him. OMG , I m even more tense now.

Also , a recent block buster hit , Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time. I m a great fan of this game. This game truly represents the next generation action adventure genre. Although I love this game but inside of me there is someone who is jealous of this game and it is none other than that sad Tomb Raider fan in me. I always wanted to see AOD at the place where POP Sands of time stands now. POP Sands of Time won the Console Game Of The Year Award in Interactive Achievement Awards . And over all it won the most awards with the total of 8 including PC Action/Adventure Game of the Year . I've always dreamt for Tomb Raider to have such a success.

The Only record-like thing which impresses me the most abt Tomb Raider is that in 'Guiness Book of World Records 2000' , Lara Croft is the worlds most famous video game character. and that is abt Lara Croft not Tomb Raider.

I wanna ask all those old Tomb Raider fans to tell me abt past successes of this game , whether Tomb Raider ever won an award. Tell me some articles to read which have lots of official words/praises abt Tomb Raider which make me feel happy.

02-05-04, 21:15
what?... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

02-05-04, 21:41
Don't worry about it f_xyz.
I like AOD, but i'm not a hard core lara croft fan. And in my opinion it was as successful as any other PS2 game, if not moreso in some respects.

Graphically, it's one of the best games out there, the animations remarkeable and the story intruiging enough to hold your attention. Ok, so it wasn't quite the TR people wanted from Core, but it's still a solid game which holds its own.

The people that didn't enjoy it probably found the character control cumbersome compared to earlier versions or TR, but that's realism for you. Core animated the character sequences so well for the realism factor that they forgot what effect it would have on the gameplay element.

Secondly core took a chance by introducing mr Kurtis chap, an attempt at innovation by the looks of it. Which yes, even I was a little dissapointed by him cause he runs like he's got a bowel problem. They achieved technically and visually in many ways where hardly any other games companies have still.

It wasn't a flop, just a mere learning experience, one (im guessing) they'll learn from. Next gen game design is not easy for the people making these games now, and some games are sufering through shear collaboration error or lack of forward planning.

At the end of the day, all Core needed to do was spice up the gfx and give us the indiana jones style adventure the hard core TR fans enjoy so much. Where were the snakes pouring in through chamber walls? No failure f_xyz, just a game creation heavily emphesising Cores lack of understanding with the PS2 architecture and probably a result of their team being too large for them to collaborate effectivly http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

TR:OAD is as good as most other games out there. You just need to be an advanced gamer to get the most out of it. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

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02-05-04, 22:07
Hi f_xyz,
Have you played any of the other TombRaider games? If you have, they are why most of us disliked AOD so much; the controls & storyline were pretty bad in comparison.

My fav TRgame is TR4: if you haven't played it yet, I'm sure you'll like it far more than AOD.

03-05-04, 07:47
Well , plz stop praising AOD , I've also alot of praises for AOD , but I admit that

AOD was a flop game. It has'nt been nominated for any awards through out the year

2003. It has an IGN rating of 5.3/10
I've played all other episodes except Tomb Raider 3 , and yeah they r all better

than AOD .

And plz read wat else I've said abt Tomb Raider in my post...

For those who can't or don't wanna read my lengthy,maybe boring post :




If a fan is praising a game , he is saying that caz he is a fan , wat really

matters is when others praise abt a game....

03-05-04, 09:18
Yes, I was initially dissappointed, but AOD isn't a bad game at all.

Like Gavman says, nice graphics. And the storyline stretching across the next few games was a good idea - too bad Crystal D will probably drop it.

AOD is steeped in atmosphere, no-one can deny that, plus the music is a pretty good score too.

But Gavman's right: Kurtis DOES walk like he's got a bowel problem...


03-05-04, 11:37
AoD should have been a non TR game, it might have been overall a better game...

03-05-04, 12:57
Now will someone plz leave AOD and read my post again and then Reply...

03-05-04, 13:51
Hi f_xyz, I would hope that what I'm about to say will help you feel better. I went to the store, and the first thing i saw when i went in is that Tomb Raider was all over, they had it on sale saying that is was one of the best games of the year (I can't remember what year they had it for) but the thing is that they had it as a hit game. The boxes the game came in were full of good reviews for all the games. One of them said "Game of the year","Lara is the hottest cybergirl in the world","The Return of the Queen". I guess that what you saw or heard on that game match was just beacuse, some people think that Tomb Raider is not that "great" compare to other hardcore fans of other games, like Doom, that has been out since a lifetime, but still has fans. Here in TRF are some true fans of Lara and would do anything for the game (at least i would). Some critics are just harsh on the games, because the leader on the game is a lady, and not a man. But what they don't realize is that Tomb Raider was a totally hit because the lead was a lady. Don't worry if it doesn't win a prize, or an award. It already won it, when you decided to buy the game and you liked it, it won something, a fan, and for me that is the most precious award a game can have, beacuse without fans, ther is no money. Fans are the ones that get the game started, and I tell you that TR was a hit years ago, but it needed a change for the new generation of computers graphics, and that is what they are trying to do now. Crystal Dynamic is going to try to make a better game, full of new graphics, and a brand new Lara that will appeal to the new generation of kids that like those awsome graphics that new games are coming out with. Tomb Raider is going to be one of the games that people will remember for years to come. You can search www.tombraiderchronicles.com (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com) for the archives of articles that will tell you more about the success of the game. I really hope that this helped you. Bye! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

03-05-04, 14:04
Gavman - Kurtis runs like he's got a bowel problems

Regarding that competition mentioned in the starter post
I enjoyed the first Quake game, but couldn't get into the second one at all. The original can compete with any TR game, but suggesting it's better than the TR series as a whole is going over the top a bit IMO.

It's an impressive game, but not quite a classic. IMO there hasn't been a truly great TR game since TRLR in 1999, and that was a long time ago now. AOD has great graphics, an involving storyline, great FMV's, decent weapons, but lacks the outstanding level design so present in TR 1-4. Everything's all bitsy and random. There aren't any huge, mind-blowing areas like the Barkhang Monestry, or Aldwych. Every time you're starting to get into a level, it seems to end, or slip off into a FMV. I liked the smaller level idea in TRLR, but It's starting to fall out of favour with me now.

03-05-04, 21:24
Thanks alot , TheEveningStar . Finally someone

understood wat I was feeling abt Tomb Raider.

I m also a true Tomb Radier/Lara Croft fan loyal to

the whole franchise. Its my heart desire to see

Tomb Raider as a great hit once again. I wanna see

it even on a better place than Prince of Persia :

The Sands of Time . I hope it revolutionizes the

action/adventure genre once again.

And I've got great hopes with Crystal Dynamics , as

I already like their Legacy of Kain series alot.

Lastly , I wanna say that someone plz tell me where

to find a big detailed article on Tomb Raider's

History , I want to increase my knowledge abt the


03-05-04, 21:38
No problem. ;)

www.tombraiderchronicles.com (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com)