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tlr online
13-01-09, 18:09
LOL! Omfg! R u srs!?

greg hardesty of the orange county register has described himself as "speechless" after his 13-year-old daughter "racked up 14,528 text messages in one month", as the shaken dad himself put it last week.

Hardesty, 45, explains that offspring reina achieved the impressive sms tally between 27 november and 26 december. Her 22-year-old sister hana managed a "comparatively modest" total of 7,101 messages, while sibling marina, 24, trailed with just 700.

While the paper bill for all three phones dispatched to the girls' mother stretched to just 23 pages, the online pdf version extended to 440 pages. Luckily, all three are signed up for unlimited texts, otherwise reina alone would be looking at a bill of $2,905.60 - a "lot of chores", hardesty notes.

Hardesty called at&t mobility to see if it kept records of outstanding texting efforts. The company's katie keating said no, and while "trying not to laugh", described reina's marathon total as "a bit high".

She added: "texting is becoming more and more popular, and growing at a spectacular rate. Text-messaging is now hard-wired into our culture. It's in our dna - particular among young people."

keating explained that - according to a 2008 nielsen study - teenagers between 13-17 "text more than any other demographic group", clocking up an average of 1,742 smses a month. The study of 50,000 mobile users showed than on average, "each user sends 357 texts a month versus 204 voice calls a month".

During a paternal grilling, reina admitted 14,528 text messages could be described as "excessive", but defended: "but it's not all mine. I get a lot of annoying forwards and multimedia messages that i just delete because they're stupid, and the ones i receive are counted."

the at&t bill confirmed that both incoming and outgoing messages counted towards the total, but hardesty asked: "really, though. Is that any consolation?"

hardesty may find consolation in a possible inherited genetic predisposition for sms, since he himself admits to sending 900 messages a month, or 700 more than the average for his age. Nonetheless, despite his own messaging profligacy, he and reina's mother have now reportedly banned their daughter from texting after dinner - surely a fate worse than death for a teen whose need to text is embedded in her dna.


13-01-09, 18:10
Thats insane.

Why would a thirteen year old need to send so many txts O_O

13-01-09, 18:11

13-01-09, 18:12
Madness, they must have set the world record. :vlol:

Mad Tony
13-01-09, 18:19
Wow. Her fingers must be ridiculously weak after all that texting.

13-01-09, 18:19
Madness, they must have set the world record. :vlol:
I guess her hands are now in the position of holding a phone :D

13-01-09, 18:21
My cousin texts at least 15,000 a month. I asked her if she can text in her sleep, because that's just sick. :vlol: I think I'm around 6,000 a month. Thank goddess for unlimited texting plans.

Wow. Her fingers must be ridiculously weak after all that texting.

Quite the opposite, I'm sure. That crap makes you stronggg. :p

13-01-09, 18:22
Is the register out of news to report?

13-01-09, 18:23
O__O How the hell did she manage to do that? 14,578 text messages!? That's insane!

13-01-09, 18:27
Lol ._. I don't think I've sent more than maybe 300 in my life. I always call... So I can shout! :D j/k

13-01-09, 18:27

Thats 484 messages a day!

KC Mraz
13-01-09, 18:31


13-01-09, 18:34

How!!?? :confused:

She must have been sending messages non-stop! Poor dad...

Nerd For Life
13-01-09, 18:36
...Does she like, go to school?

Full-time job texting... hahahahah.

That's sad.

Jake Croft
13-01-09, 18:38
How many of these texts were one worded though aha :')
I do alot of one worded texts when im being annoying

Sir Croft
13-01-09, 18:39
I hardly ever send text message, I'd rather call. But wow, that's an insane amount of messages! :yik:

13-01-09, 18:43
Holy jesus's bicycle that is insane.

Terra Inclined
13-01-09, 18:43
Lol, one month and all those messages? It must be a constant thing. I suggest she socialises instead, eye to eye. It's blissfully free.

13-01-09, 18:43
*hides in the corner* I've sent 1,000 txt msg's in one day :o My friend probably sends 20-30,000 txt msg's in a month.

13-01-09, 18:45

:vlol: "Me paying this bill that's what's...S...N....F!"


13-01-09, 18:57
Thank God for unlimited text messaging. :whi:

13-01-09, 19:02
Wow, people have too much time on their hands. Or they feel they can't survive without constant human contact. lmao!

13-01-09, 19:10
Wow.. That's madness.

Jack Croft
13-01-09, 19:12

Though seriosly that is insane.

I thought i was bad sending 80 in one month!

13-01-09, 19:21
WOW, did she just text from night and day? that is one heck of a lot of texts for one month!

I probably just make about 50 texts every month. :D

Logie 12 =]
13-01-09, 19:24


13-01-09, 19:24
"IDK, my BFF Jill." :vlol:

13-01-09, 19:31
What retarded parent punishes a child for not doing anything wrong?

13-01-09, 19:40
How? Just... how?

@Draco: She wasn't punished, was she?

Another Lara
13-01-09, 19:58
Thank God for unlimited text messaging. :whi:

You got that right, seeing as me and my boyfriend can proudly challenge that amount! Just got my last phone bill through today... approx. 2,500 texts sent by me this month! :o

13-01-09, 20:00
and I thought that nothing can surprise me ....

13-01-09, 20:17
I have 500 texts a month, I may need 1000 but definately not more than that...

13-01-09, 20:23
You can guess how much I text by the fact that a 10 top up will last me about six months.

God Horus
13-01-09, 20:36
Wow! I text like 100 times a month if not less...

13-01-09, 20:37
I don't even have a phone.

I feel so backward....

13-01-09, 20:53
wow,that's insanity...does she text in her sleep too?:p

Lol ._. I don't think I've sent more than maybe 300 in my life.

yeah,same here...i hardly ever text nowadays

13-01-09, 20:56
I'd be lucky to send 100 texts a month. :p

Lee croft
13-01-09, 21:02
You can guess how much I text by the fact that a 10 top up will last me about six months.

hahaha thats like me i havent had any cridit since november !!!!

by the way i hope i never have children like that!!! spending all my money!!

13-01-09, 21:15
Wow, that's actaully really sad.
I remember the days, kids actaually hung out with there friends instead of spending all day texting them.

You'll probably find 90% of the texts are something like
"lol xx"
":) lol xxxxx"

13-01-09, 21:33
I text like one time a month.

13-01-09, 21:39
I don't have a cell phone.:)

13-01-09, 22:04
Jeez. O.o The most I've ever texted in a month was about 250. But I don't text anymore.

13-01-09, 22:06
I get annoyed when people text msg me too much. If I get one WHILE i'm responding I'll call them and say "ok talk to me or get a life"

This reminded me of the song "How can I live without you? If you ever go...I could I breathe without you? I want to know...I could I ever, ever survive!?"

Lara's home
13-01-09, 22:09
I've had mine for about a year and I've only sent 2500.
14,5k in a month is insane..

13-01-09, 22:14
Quite the opposite, I'm sure. That crap makes you stronggg. :p

Actually, my niece messed up her hands from texting:o

13-01-09, 22:19
I don't have a cell phone.:)

Same, I mean I do... I just don't ever do anything with it lmao
I like to use the home phone or borrow a friends phone if I really needed to get ahold of someone. Would rather hold on to my money instead of waste it on some 100 dollar monthly plan when I could just use my home phone and pay 14 bucks a month to keep that on.

13-01-09, 22:23
I send a bout 10 texts in 4 months. How does she keep it up, Natla i mean reina this is madness:D

da tomb raider!
13-01-09, 22:56
Sounds like someone has a lot of time on her hands...

13-01-09, 23:08
Well, that's so funny :vlol:

I text something like once a month :p

13-01-09, 23:26
The thing I use my cell phone the most is for its alarm clock function. :vlol:

Woop Legend!
13-01-09, 23:58
who would she be texting, santa?!

just croft
13-01-09, 23:58
I heard this, this morining on the radio. I wasn't too surprised though... as she explained herself all her friends have free text while she doesn't... same thing happens withing almoust anyone I know at school, male or female, younger or older... but we do have free 500 sms per week + free phone calls for 9,91 a month ;) it's best to phone...

14-01-09, 00:05
I text quite a bit because I have unlimited texting, but I don't do that much omg that is soo many.

14-01-09, 02:50
I can't live without my phone but I doubt I'm as chronic as that chick :p

14-01-09, 02:59
I wish there was a way I could find out how much I text.. it's up there though. :p I text a lot cause I'm cool and got a lot of friends. :cool:

14-01-09, 03:01
O_O wow she must have alot of time on here hands, or she just doesnt like talkin on the phone lmao.

Personaly i dont like to text i like hearin who im talking to.

14-01-09, 06:17
OMG !! I have no other words.

14-01-09, 06:32
she almost beat my record :)

14-01-09, 08:52
You got that right, seeing as me and my boyfriend can proudly challenge that amount! Just got my last phone bill through today... approx. 2,500 texts sent by me this month! :o

wow we really sent that many?! :) guess xmas kinda was a constant stream of msgs wasnt it :)

Another Lara
14-01-09, 08:57
Still is love! ;)

14-01-09, 08:59
Still is love! ;)

fact u just txt me to tell me this kinda says it all dont it :) hehe

long live sms :)

14-01-09, 09:08
I've barely sent 1,000 text messages within the last year.

This girl must be popular...

14-01-09, 10:22
My friend got her phone 3 years ago and have already sent 64 000 sms's. She gets like 1 sms every second. Very annoying xD

14-01-09, 11:32
I send almost 200 a day.

but that's because majority of my friends are on 1cent txt.

because they were on unlimited they sent 14,528. if it cost.. they wouldnt even send 100 :p

Lara Croft!
14-01-09, 11:40
OMG!!!!! That's a loooot of messages.... 485 a day!!!

14-01-09, 11:45
I hardly ever send texts... mostly just pictures of interesting places.
My sister is surgically joined to her phone though. Im sure she could give this girl a run for her money. She even has two phones, so that she doesn't have to stop texting when she has to charge the one.

Another Lara
14-01-09, 21:36
fact u just txt me to tell me this kinda says it all dont it :) hehe

Didn't tell you about this one!:ton:

14-01-09, 22:49
I think I could top that I get free texts and have many companions :D

14-01-09, 23:58
txtng s so nnyng. wat evr hppnd 2 rittng a lttr 1ce n a wyl?

(texting is so annoying. What ever happen to writing a letter once a while?)

Candee Sparks
15-01-09, 00:43
How does a 13 year old girl manage to send more texts in a day than I do? And I have 2 friggen phones, both with full keyboard and unlimited texting and she sends HOW MANY?

Like, the most I've ever racked up was literally 9,881 texts in a month from one phone and that was just in December from everything from friends, family, clients and work related people. I'm sorry but parents should take away their child's phones if they ever get that high, regardless of unlimited or not. That means the kid is up all day and all night texting as well as texting in school and at the rate I text during a day, that means the phone doesn't leave the girls hands even when it's on the charger, doing school work or even taking like a 10 minute shower. I should know, I text in the shower, but I at least I sleep. :p

15-01-09, 01:23
Her cell phone service provider is very happy with her now.

15-01-09, 01:26
Was she sending a letter per each text messages?