View Full Version : I have FINALLY uploaded the video of me SINGING!

13-01-09, 21:08
Oh yes! Its true,
when I asked you guys before, about if its safe etc..
well, I FINALLY had the courage to post one,
i used my phone, have a cold, and I havent sung this song in ageese,
so if your computer screens smash or your speakers bust,
Im sorry.
yet, here it is :D


EDIT!: I deleted the original video, and re done it, the new one is now the link; ^ (:

13-01-09, 21:12
I think you actually sound pretty good.
You have a vocals but sometimes your voice can fall to the wrong key.
Also, since you recorded it with a phone, the quality is low.
God job, anyway.

13-01-09, 21:18
Oh well done!! :hug::hug::hug:

:D I love that song!!
I think I could tell you sounded ill, and the phone quality...
Aside from, you're really rather good!! :jmp:

13-01-09, 21:19
Well done, you have a very nice voice :tmb:

13-01-09, 21:20
That really cool that you finally did it :)

You're actaully really good, especially for your age.
This comming from someone who spends a lot of his time recording vocalists.

13-01-09, 21:21
Awesome work :)

But the phone quality doesn't do justice :(

Logie 12 =]
13-01-09, 21:28
Nice singing voice :)

13-01-09, 21:45
You have a nice voice!**thumbs up**

13-01-09, 21:45
LOL Bless. You finally got the courage to do it. Good for you. :tmb:

OK, so yeah, plenty of mistakes, bump notes and the like. But this is completely understandable (like for some of the same reasons I said to Rileigh).

But I can still hear that you do basically have some ability there. So keep working on it. And do try acapalla.


13-01-09, 22:40
Thanks everyone :hug:
I realised I kept playing with my hair, the nerves [;

Im going to ask for some kind of recorder for my birthday, maybe even a microphone for x-mas or something, i dont know.
But I do know that my dad has a record anyways, I may ask him If I could use that [;

Its not very good, but Im just showing you how bad it really is when I use my phone lol, you'll see the difference when I use something else,
thanks again :hug:

13-01-09, 22:43
Nice, bad quality though, try and record it on something else if you can :D :tmb:

13-01-09, 23:16
That was really good:), great job:D.:tmb:

13-01-09, 23:30
Good job ! It takes a lot of courage.
But I don't know if it's the quality of the video but you sound a bit ill. I think you need to work a bit more on your vocal. Keep practising after all, you put this video to get constructive critism.


Melonie Tomb Raider
14-01-09, 03:34
On some notes you sound insanely good, but I think you need some vocal training on controlling your voice.

As far as playing with your hair... I thought it was cute. :)

14-01-09, 04:03
You have a great voice! :)

14-01-09, 19:16
thanks guys, im going to try and get a better device,
and upload more videos.
i have deleted the other video, and re done it;

thanks [;

14-01-09, 19:25
Not bad :)

14-01-09, 19:35
Well done! :tmb:

Maybe a better recording, and adding some music?

dox online
14-01-09, 20:47
Can't get my computer's sound working, maybe I could upload it onto a cd if you could put it on something like an mp3 file.

14-01-09, 21:01
There's something here, but you definitely need to work on your voice a little bit more. You do have technique, but I can't tell for sure what's good and what's not in your video, since the quality isn't the best, and you're sick.

But keep on doing them, you do have talent. :)