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14-01-09, 23:29
Welcome to

Just before I start, I searched 'lyric', 'song' and 'game' and came up with bupkiss.

-So after watching yet another Never Mind The Buzzcocks repeat, I decided that I would port the 'Next Lines' round to TRF, so here goes with

'Da Rules:

-Okay, I quote a few lines of a song. The person below me guesses the next few lines. I then reply stating whether they are wrong or right, and giving the name of the song, passing it on to them.

-Basically, If you've played Jarekhanzelka's "Name that Game!", You'll be right at home.

-You can only post a question once a day, so if you get it right for the second time, you leave it open to the first person who steals it. Fair?

-So here I go:

"So I'll just make this,
A little more obvious..."