View Full Version : Heathrow runway #3 approved by Government in UK

15-01-09, 12:35

Hopefully link is correct one.

Basically government have shown they have asked everyone to give their opinion when they are clearly just going to ignore them.. :(

15-01-09, 12:49

After BAA was forced to put up Gatwick for sale I didn't expect it to happen anymore. Well, pilots are going to be happy but looking from the ground level diversifying traffic routes rather intensifying them at Heathrow was a better idea.

Bull****! Goddamn environmentalists, grrrr, golden medal for pretentiousness here, carbon emissions by aviation are no higher than 5% of the overall number at this point! Aviation is an industry heavily hit by the crisis, they don't need greenies stalking them to boot

15-01-09, 13:15
What a surprise.
It's a shame for all those people going to loose their homes.

I can't get believe they suspended a labour mp for challenging the plan.
Shows how much they listen to the people eh?

Jack Croft
15-01-09, 14:00

Those *******s! :(

15-01-09, 14:16
From the article...

Work on a new runway is unlikely to start until 2015 and it is not expected to be operational for at least a decade.

This is only an announcement by Geoff Hoon; the bulldozers haven't rolled in yet.

Anything can happen in six years.


17-01-09, 17:01
my house is one of the houses to be knocked down (N)

17-01-09, 17:07
I live near Heathrow, I don't mind this new runway being built.

17-01-09, 17:09
I wanna move anyway. LOL. but yeah i feel bad for the others, like the old ppl who have lived here forever. :hea:

17-01-09, 17:20
Re: Emissions

Didn't they show that after 9/11 when all air traffic was halted that the enivronmental conditions were WORSE because planes actually create clouds (the long ones you see behind them) that cause the Sun's rays to bounce back away from the Earth?

It's sad that people would loose their homes, but the UK is so congested there really aren't many other options.

17-01-09, 20:27
This reminds me of my trip to London.