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tlr online
03-05-04, 13:39
A meeting in Monaco between Formula One chiefs and team bosses is expected to decide the future of the sport. Max Mosley - president of the sport's governing body, the FIA - aims to introduce radical new rules in order to improve the sport's appeal. He plans to remove electronic driver aids and introduce smaller engines - changes due to come into place in 2008. But many teams are already considering forming a breakaway series in response to the proposals.

Formula One's technical and political environment is currently dictated by the Concorde Agreement between teams, the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone. That agreement, however, expires in 2008 and Ecclestone and Mosley must attempt to broker a new deal to keep the sport on track. Any changes must be agreed by the majority of teams, with Mosley using Tuesday's meeting as a platform to attempt to convince them of the need for change.


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04-05-04, 12:55
interesting news... ... ...

as long as its still a bunch of powerful racing machines racing at furious speeds with hot grid girls and charming drivers ill keep watching...

nd as long as the first meet is in my home town ill definately continue to watch the sport... hehehe