View Full Version : Lara Croft set to forge Excalibur at NY Comic Con

Jin Uzuki
16-01-09, 06:09

Looks like Lara is set to make an appearance on February 6 to 9 at this year's New York Comic Con (http://www.nycomiccon.com/App/homepage.cfm?moduleid=2577&appname=100453) -- or at least, in the form of a Tonner (http://www.tonnerdirect.com/default.aspx)-created representation of her holding Excalibur.

Action-Figure.com (http://www.action-figure.com/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=24299) is reporting that this latest incarnation of Lara Croft from Tonner (last ones (http://www.tonnerdirect.com/c-72-tomb-raider-legend.aspx) were Lara in her Legend outfits) will be available at the Tonner booth at the Comic Con. The figure stands at 17" tall and will sell at $174.99. Only 100 pieces will be sold. Looks like a good purchase if you're fond of the Barbie woman.

More pictures of the model through the Action-Figure jump.

16-01-09, 06:12
not bad. they sure fudged up Excalibur, though.

16-01-09, 06:21
Wow, Lara Croft is Barbie. I guess they're better then some of the action figures we've seen.. :p A little late with Legend, though.

16-01-09, 09:22
She's absolutely gorgeous. :tmb: It's a shame these dolls are so expensive but they're top quality for sure.

16-01-09, 10:51
Is this the one with the crazy hair?

16-01-09, 13:16
$174.99? For a doll? No thanks!

16-01-09, 13:17
^ a doll you'll never play with

It's like the switchblade version of Excal. Why is it metal and so Small?

Or like a cane for "old Lara"

16-01-09, 17:24
Very nice, doesn't look much like her though but she's purty :)

16-01-09, 18:02
I have to admit some of these dolls, look fantastic :tmb:

16-01-09, 18:06
$174.99? For a doll? No thanks!

If you don't apreciate the craftsmanship, 10 years later you can sell it for three times the original price...

16-01-09, 19:59
They need to make an Anniversary edition.

17-01-09, 00:05
I like the hairstyle on this one, $174.99? Too expensive for a doll.