View Full Version : Recycle or Share ???

young Lara Croft
17-01-09, 14:25

what's this? you're wondering...

well this is my old data collected from different magazines which released CDs and DVD that I was too eager to buy , each contained useful information and innovative programs at that time , but as you know all this stuff is seasonal and outdates with the passing of time.

Now I'm giving it away, and i have 2 options:
-give it to somebody or -recycle

I don't know what to do with it , i appreciate your suggestion!
thanks :)

17-01-09, 14:28
Make a large collage!

17-01-09, 14:48
If you've still got the cases to the CDs, take 'em to a charity store, they will gladly take them off you. I'm sure there are nostalgic people out there who are looking for these kind of things.