View Full Version : I am going to mai FIRST concert!!!

19-01-09, 19:46
On February 18th I get to see mai favorite band, Motley Crue, in Minneapolis at teh Xcel Center....I CANNOT wait...

Nikki Sixx iz mai fav member ftw....


Did I mention that he is gorgeous? ^____^

19-01-09, 19:56
Awesome!! I remember my first concert, The Academy is...

Be prepared to have ringing ears for days. It was my first concert and my ears hadn't adjusted to the atmosphere. Three days it took to go away. Have fun!! :)

19-01-09, 19:57
Have fun!

My first was Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz I believe.

19-01-09, 20:08
My first was Kylie, really set the bar, she's incredible live :tmb:

19-01-09, 20:32
Sexcellent dude! :D

My first was Gwen Stefani, and when you see your one and only favourite artist/childhood heroine on stage, singing your favourite songs directly to you...it's like nothing else. :o

Concerts ftw! :tmb:

Logie 12 =]
19-01-09, 21:12
Have fun

19-01-09, 21:40
My first was Blind Guardian. Have fun!

19-01-09, 21:46
My first concert was Evanescence, youll never forget your first concert.

19-01-09, 22:06
My first concert was CHER!:D

19-01-09, 22:08
Have fun. My first concert was one of the most memorable things of my life. :tmb:

19-01-09, 22:28
sounds awesome!! ive been to a few in my younger years. unfortunately ive not had the occassion to go to a concert of my own taste. always was someone eleses taste of music. my first concert was B-52's.

19-01-09, 23:32
My first concert was Savage Garden!! How silly is that? :D

20-01-09, 02:28
Have fun! :tmb: I've only been to two concerts myself... Britney Spears and Evanescence. :D

20-01-09, 02:45
Have fun :)

But remember to stay safe aswell.

20-01-09, 09:33
nice have a good time :)

First was CKY.. my god phil margera is huge O_O

20-01-09, 12:21
youll never forget your first concert.

... Sure about that..? :o

My first concert was Savage Garden!! How silly is that? :D

Well, since I read your post about where your username is taken from, nothing surprises me anymore :p

20-01-09, 14:01
have fun!!:)

..my first was a Metallica concert....I screamed so hard that day,I ended up with a sore throat for days...very memorable!!:jmp:

Ada the Mental
20-01-09, 15:46
Awesome! Have fun!

My first was a Scorpions concert, about three years ago. :D

20-01-09, 15:58
watch out for butt pinches. O.o

20-01-09, 16:06
My first concert was a Boyzone concert... ( Irish boyband for those who haven't heard of them which will likely be a fair few of ya :D ) and then all my subsequent concerts have been Boyzone concerts too. Including the Reunion tour last year and the concert I'm taking my sister and my mother to this June.Well... at least I'm loyal :P
Worst thing is I spent the first half of the Reunion concert in tears because I was so happy that they had gotten back together. That's a very sad admission from a 21 year old woman.

20-01-09, 16:07
Well, since I read your post about where your username is taken from, nothing surprises me anymore :p

:vlol: To be fair, I never really was a fan of Savage Garden. It was a very cheap concert that happened during the Expo 98 (which was here in Lisbon). I went with my whole family. :p