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03-05-04, 22:02
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May 3, 2004
Got your attention? Well, it's true -- the chiseled 'Troy' boy gets totally nude in his new movie and also for Vanity Fair magazine, and tonight on ET we have your first look at the pics! Plus, we have Brad's all-new interview as he talks about his marriage to JENNIFER ANISTON -- and having kids!

"Apparently the Greeks were naked all the time," Brad tells our own JANN CARL. "Eat naked, play naked, they liked to be naked. I just didn't realize I was the only one doing it in the movie. I thought everyone else was too!"

In 'Troy,' invading theaters May 14, Brad plays the legendary warrior Achilles, who pledges allegiance to King Menelaus of Sparta (BRENDAN GLEESON) after Prince Paris of Troy (played by ORLANDO BLOOM) steals away the monarch's beautiful wife, Helen (DIANE KRUGER). The pairing is an affront to Menelaus, who unites the massive tribes of Greece to steal Helen back. A massive armada, led by Achilles, attacks the walled citadel and the Trojans clash with the Greeks in the war of legend.

"It was a difficult, difficult shoot, but rewarding," says Brad. "I'd been off for two years, so I was really up for something more [challenging], and something that required what this required."

It took Brad six months of training to buff up his bod for the role, and on the Malta set he did all of his own stunts, from spear-chucking and sword-wielding to sliding down the massive, 38-foot-tall Trojan Horse that ultimately spelled the demise for Troy. But filming of a climactic battle between Brad and ERIC BANA, who plays Prince Paris' brother Hector, had to be postponed for over a month because Brad injured, yes, his Achilles tendon! "It's so stupid!" he says. "A twist of stupid irony."

Brad also had to quit smoking to get in shape, and, boy, was that hard. "I think I was homicidal for three or four days," jokes the actor. "Jen held us together; she packed for me [before leaving for the shoot]. I couldn't put a suitcase together. I feel much better when I'm not smoking. I feel like a better person. I think that smoking's a real trap."

But perhaps the tougher task was having Jen watch the racy love scenes Brad has in his new movie -- or not. "She liked them," says Brad, surprisingly. "Jen and I both have an understanding that that's part of the job. She thought I was running around naked in one too many scenes, [though]. One of our strengths has been -- something that I value the most -- is we have a rule of putting everything on the table, not letting the other one wonder. We've grown really tight because of it."

In the Vanity Fair article, on newsstands May 11, Brad only has high praise for his wife, likening her to a magnet: "She brings a lot of people together that way. Jen's the fireplace; she provides the warmth." The Greek god on earth, who plays Achilles in the upcoming 'Troy,' recently turned 40. He says he feels improved with age, although "I know there's a midlife crisis on its way. I'm sure there's some rude awakenings yet to come. But I like it like that. I like the unknown."

Those rude awakenings may just well be the cries of an infant in the middle of the night, if Brad has his way. The actor says that in terms of the number of kids he'd like, "I'll go 'til someone says stop. I would love all girls. Guys -- I know they're going to be [mad] at me. I know I'll [screw them up] somehow."

Just to be safe, Brad and Jen have been contemplating baby-proofing their Beverly Hills, French-Normandy-style home. The magazine says Jennifer has been making "nervous comments about the difficulties of baby-proofing the rough-hewn stone floors, the glass dining table, the gleaming metal-and-leather furniture." But Brad has another take on their environment. "I have a different theory," he says with a grin and a shrug. "You gotta fall down; you gotta learn."

Tonight on ET, catch more with Brad Pitt -- clothed and unclothed!

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