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tlr online
03-05-04, 23:47
In the South Pacific Ocean east of Australia, the 83 islands that make up the Vanuatu nation are dotted with countless craters from active and extinct volcanoes. Among the most dangerous is the almost-permanently active Ambrym Volcano. In this rollover image from the Terra MODIS instrument from April 27, 2004, a large plume of volcanic ash is blowing westward from the volcano, which appears lower right quadrant of the image. The volcano itself is marked with a red dot, which was triggered by the high heat signature. The plume is mixing with clouds, and is more apparent as a bright, reddish orange color in the false-color image (roll over the true-color image to see the false-color image).

The largest island pictured is Espiritu Santu, in the upper left corner. Below and slightly to the right is Malakula. Ambrym Volcano lies on Ambrym Island, to the south of which are the Shepherd Islands. Directly north of Ambrym is Pentecost Island; still further north are Aoba (left) and Maewo (right).


04-05-04, 02:27
It seams a few other of the volcanoes near by are now active also.