View Full Version : MAC versions of TR

22-01-09, 17:47
hey guys.
I have got all the classic tomb raiders from 1-6 on my MAC
now I am just about to get TRA on my MAC.
but I would like to know if TRL or TRU will be eventually released for MAC, cos they put TRA on MAC

22-01-09, 17:48
Maybe in a couple years :wve:

22-01-09, 18:07
I seriously doubt that TRL is getting released for Mac (lowercase, by the way, MAC is something different entirely). As for TRU, I haven't heard any plans for that so far.

22-01-09, 18:34
It's very unlikely TRU or TRL will be released for OS X. You'll either have to do Boot Camp or find a Windows machine to play those games.