View Full Version : Slow Glass by Bob Shaw (Si-fi book)

The Great Chi
23-01-09, 17:02
Just finished this book that I got for Christmas.

Its the first Si-fi book that I have read for a long time that really shows how future technology affects society.

Slow glass in the story is created by accident when new toughend car windscreens are made, and it has a wierd unrealised property of a one second delay in the view getting through a car windscreen, hence as you would realise causes many accidents before it is found out.

This technologhy is soon figured out and delays of up to seven years are created, hence people who live in inner cities want to buy a window that has been looking at the swiss alps for years, and fit it in their room, hence an industry is created.

What may not be apparent (pun intended) is that the glass is two way, ie, what goes on inside the house is recorded for seven years and is played back seven years later to viewers, he, he.

Hence there is a short story about a murder scene in a house, that would be shown in a court room years later to show what really happened.

There are many such weird stories in the book arising from the use of slow glass, and it is well worth reading.

Makes you wonder what real future technologies awaits us all :D

28-01-09, 06:54
The plot sounds amazing :eek:

I'll be sure to check it out in bookstores :tmb: