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24-01-09, 08:48
Recently I bought a small radio control car :). It's something I had wanted all my life. Some of you have one? You like?. :)
Looking for information online, I discovered that there are many fans of this hobby in the USA. There exist many possibilities and many models of cars, airplanes ....
I have purchased this electric model:


Requires less maintenance and makes no noise, but it's also fun to drive, but as is a model for beginners doesn't run too much :o:D
Some models reach speeds of 130 km/h!!!!:eek:

It is also an excuse for me to go out on weekends :)

24-01-09, 17:01
(...) and makes no noise (...)

Dear Tampi,

Thank you!

All your neighbours :D

24-01-09, 19:57
RC Cars are fun, but I haven't played with one since I was about 10 years old. I tried an RC plane simulator at the local hobby shop and crashed the plane :vlol: I didnt like the controller for that simulator - and if its anything like the controllers for the real (RC) planes - I doubt I would do very well with those things. I did pretty good with Jane's ATF Gold though.

24-01-09, 20:05
I have a couple one gas and one electric, I used to have a motorcycle too. They are really fun especially when you make them go off jumps :D
I got a remote control helicopter like 5 years ago and haven't managed to fly it yet :vlol: it's so hard. I got it to hover though and it almost hit me.

Anyways if you get really into it then I would say you could go for a faster one, I would say a gas powered one would be good, but with gas prices idk.
I haven't drivin' one in so long.

24-01-09, 20:50
I had Fast Traxx when I was a kid :cln: Now that one was awesome.