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24-01-09, 22:11
Well, I remember playing this game in another forum, quite some time ago, and I got surprised not to see any thread with this game, so I'll just give it a try ;).

The rules are really simple. The game consists in an hypothetical chair where any forum member who wants to play sits. As you are sitting any forum member who drops by can make as much random questions as they want.

The sitting player has 3 days to get and answer questions as they please.

A list with forum mebers is made. Once it gets to your name, it means it's your turn to sit and get questions.

If you want to sit in the chair just send me a PM :tmb:(otherwise the thread would be full of people asking for a place in the list, it happened at first in the other forum :o)

touchthesky is the first person to sit. Anybody who drops by can make him/her any question for three days. At the end of that period (and, hopefully, if the thread doesn't close) the next person may sit.

I'm gonna start the questions :
Why did you decide to sit?
What's your favourite colour?
How many questions do you think you'll get?
When did you start playing Tomb Raider?