View Full Version : Big Day Out (and other music festivals)

25-01-09, 09:37
Melbourne Big Day Out tomorrow can't wait. Anyone else going? Or have already been to Sydney or Gold Coast? If so, how was it, who was your fave/best artists? I'm pumped to see The Prodigy, The Living End and Birds of Tokyo.

25-01-09, 10:22
I'm not going. I have to work. *kills self*

I wonder how many of the forum members actually live in Victoria.

25-01-09, 10:26
Festivals are so....overrated...accept blues n roots, now thats a good week!

And cammy I expect to see you joining the Aussie social group (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/group.php?groupid=75) soon mmmkayy?! lol :)

TrenTIs: I bet you could find out if you started a topic in the group! I think its most of the Aussies though...but thats OK so long as you're not from NSW :p

25-01-09, 19:22
cant wait to see arch enemy and loads more at the desert rock festival :D