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28-01-09, 21:34
This Story is called , Eat Your Peas

It was dinner time again and Daisy just knew what her mum was going
to say before she even said it
"Eat Your Bloody Peas You Dirty Little Child" Says Mum
"I Don't Like Peas!" Said Dasiy
"If You Eat Your Peas , I'll Buy you a supermarket ,stacked full of puddings , you never have to go to bed again or school again, you never have to wash, or brush your hair, or clean your shoes, or tidy your bedroom, i'll buy you a bike shop, a zoo, 10 chocolate factory's , i'll take you to superland for a week , and you can have your very own space rocket with double -retro-laser-blammers" (Says mum)
"*Bang* I *BANG* DONT *BANG* LIKE *BANG* PEAS" says daisy

The End

Funny dont you think? ^_^

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28-01-09, 21:40
You sure do make a lot of threads.

28-01-09, 21:40
So lemme get this straight... Is her name daisy or dasiy?

28-01-09, 21:40
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