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Indiana Croft
29-01-09, 05:26
My family has a certain (ahem) history with mental issues, and my sister and I have both been prone to episodes of anxiety.

I have to take this Keyboarding class and the entire time I find it hard to breath and I can't sit still and I feel like I'm going to die. The class really bothers me for some reason, especially when we have timed tests.

I'm having an anxiety attack right now actually. I was trying to sleep but my mind has wandered around a bit and brought up some memories so to speak. So right now I feel like I'm in keyboarding class.

Is it possible I have an anxiety disorder? And how can I calm the **** down?

29-01-09, 05:29
see a psychiatrist/psychologist for the answer to that. beyond getting help here or condolences from a person who actually has that condition, there's really not much you'll gain. Not trying to be an arse or anything, but if you suspect that you have a mental disorder and it runs in the family - you should seek out professional attention. Even if you don't have anxiety in reality, they can help you out with methods to stay calm.

29-01-09, 05:38
I've suffered from a nice variety of mental illness including really debilitating panic/anxiety attacks.

I know it sounds ridiculous but the first thing you have to do is take a step back (when you're calm) and think - what's making me anxious in the first place? Is it the stress level that comes with having to do something in a completed time? Is it the fact you're in a room with a lot of people? etc etc
You can pretty much always pin point it to a certain issue.
When you've worked that out you can always try and avoid the thing that triggers it, or, learn to cope with the "trigger" event.
Most of the time when you think about it it becomes quite trivial and silly and getting a few lolz really helps anxiety =)

And as for dealing with the attacks themselves - well, the most important thing to remember is to BREATH.
Take deep, deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth four or five times until you've calmed yourself down (I'm a smoker so I always found that having a cigarette forced me to focus on my breathing, but most people don't smoke so, just count to ten =))
Have a sip of water/juice/drink du jour (NOT alcohol) and relax.

Even if it feels like you're going to die when you're having one, the truth is, it won't actually physically arm you - which is one less thing to get anxious about.

I can go into more detail if you like feel free to PM me

I know how sucky they are and I still get them time to time.

A psychiatrist or psychologist can be helpful, but I generally find them more annoying than anything (but that's just me ;))

29-01-09, 05:42
I'll just quote myself from an earlier thread:)

I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I know how you feel.:hug:

They're not fun and are very scary. I often find that talking to yourself, telling yourself that it will be alright helps to calm me.

This video helps me relax when I feel one coming on...


About the meds, first try it the natural way. It helps to be active and to not eat a lot of foods with caffeine. Also, take time out of your day to just go into your room and lay down, listen to music, and take a breather.

If this doesn't help then try the medication out. If it works, then great. If it doesn't try a different kind or dosage. I can't take the medication because it actually increased my anxiety attacks.

Talking to someone helps relieve a load of stress. Although I was very scared at first to open up to someone, I found that it really did help me.

Hope you get better.:hug:

29-01-09, 12:01
I've had an anxiety disorder since I was like 12, strangely enough, some members of my family has had problems with mental issues too.

Anywhoo, it is possible that you do have an anxiety disorder and I would agree with at least going to talk to a doctor about it and he/she would be able to help you in whatever way is best for you.

There are a lot of ways you can try and calm down, some are more useful than others.

Firstly just remember to try and keep your breathly normal, breathing too quickly could result in hyperventilation and has some nasty side-effects that may make you even more anxious.

Remember that panic attacks are completely harmless, even though you feel awful at the time, nothing bad is going to happen to you, the worst that would happen is you hyperventilate and possibly faint. And even then, you'll just wake back up perfectly fine.

There's a booklet full of helpful ways to keep your attacks down and different techniques to fight off the panic attacks that your doctor or councellor could provide for you.

I'm not sure if this will work for you but the easiest technique is a muscle relaxation technique that the booklet taught me.

Basically, when your feeling anxious, you tense your muscles in your body, starting from your feet and going upward towards your head, tense them while you breath in, hold them there for a few seconds, then relax your muscles as you breath out. By the time you get to your head, you should feel a lot more relaxed. (If your in school or something, you should probably skip the face muscles as it involves opening your mouth and squinting your eyes and then releasing haha :D)

I hope you feel better soon! :hug::hug:

29-01-09, 12:07
I've got an anxiety disorder, which prevents me from doing alot. Probably going to go back into therapy sometime this year.

1 thing my psychologist recommended for me to try was W.A.S.P.

Wait. Absorb. Slowly proceed.

29-01-09, 17:25
I've got an anxiety disorder, which prevents me from doing alot.

I recognize myself with you there, it's absolutely horrible.

29-01-09, 17:56
yeah I have these attacks too,I absolutely feel like I'm gonna die during these attacks,I once went to the emergency room cause of this (difficulty breathing etc).the doctor said I don't have anything,and that I should quit all caffeine intake,which I did!:hea:

29-01-09, 18:09
^ I used to get them too an awful lot, and I also felt like I was dying. I don't have them as much now. *touches wood*. Can't identify how I lowered them exactly though. Keeping the mind occupied works though, and limiting the PC to only 1-2 hours per day helps. Too much computer can be unhealthy. :|

29-01-09, 19:26
^ I used to get them too an awful lot, and I also felt like I was dying. I don't have them as much now. *touches wood*. Can't identify how I lowered them exactly though. Keeping the mind occupied works though, and limiting the PC to only 1-2 hours per day helps. Too much computer can be unhealthy. :|

Yea i used to get them a lot when i was younger around 14/15, normally during assemblies/Exams at school or on the packed bus home, feels like your going to have a heart attack, well i guess it does. I used to just keep pinching my finger with the fingers on the same hand till it hurt so much it forced my mind to focus just on that one sensation. I had one during my graduation parade from basic training as well, the first one id had in about 5 years, pinching my finger still worked. My older brother complained about them not long after i started having them, the doctor said it may happen as we had been through some trauma a few months before. I never got it checked out, my brother got there first and told my mum, i figured if i told her i had it as well she'd think i was jumping on the wagon.

I think diet and lack of exercise has quite abit to do with it aswell though. best go to the doctor to see whats up.

Indiana Croft
29-01-09, 20:23
I didn't have any anxiety today in keyboarding. Guess I'm okay for now

29-01-09, 21:09
you should try to have some Valerian root tea...its 100% natural and it helps me a ton when i cant sleep. you should give it a search, or try it.:D

29-01-09, 21:50
See your General Practitioner. Many people suffer from this condition and there are good treatments for it. Don't worry, you are not 'crazy'.

I hope you will be okay. :hug:

the hooliganz
29-01-09, 22:07
I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I get headaches a lot

Whenever I have an anxiety attack, I write the stuff that makes me anxious/worried on paper, and I set a time of day, when I can worry about those ****, and it works try it

Lara Croft!
30-01-09, 13:15
You should see a doctor and talk about your problem. Are you on a medication?