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29-01-09, 09:37
Some people download EVERYTHING. Music, games, and movies. They never buy anything. Sadly, this includes most of my friends. Where you do you say "no" and go out to buy something?

Music: I have a special band close to my heart: Shiny Toy Guns! :D I have bought every single one of their CDs and I have even bought about 10 promotional singles that they released. I am on the way to paying a bit over $100 for their first CD that barely ever pops up on the internet for sale. I am not exaggerating about the $100 either. I hate the US exchange rate at the moment :( But I really want this CD, because it contains different "mixes" of the songs from the universally released edition as well as a few "unreleased" songs. Okay, I'll stop rambling now, but you get my point. STG is a startup independent band, so I will heartily buy the media and feel good about it, but when it comes to bands like Pink or any of those other really popular bands, I don't feel much regret when it comes to downloading their music, because they're pulling in more money with one concert than STG would per month, probably.

Movies: Okay, I'm gonna go out on a limb and hope I don't get banned for saying this, but I do download a lot of movies. However, I'm patient enough to wait for good copies (eg. DVD rips and the like) instead of downloading crappy cams. I know, I know, it's wrong, but I usually have the same taste in movies as my Dad, and if he likes a movie, he usually buys it at full price, because he doesn't like the "pirated crap quality" as he calls it :p So really, probably about 50% of the time, my family owns a copy of the movie I have downloaded, so it's all good. Besides, it makes my friends at school happy :D But I digress before I get a big ban sticker.

Games: I have no regrets about downloading games released before 2000, but I do try to buy these (by checking my local EB Games or GAME store) before taking that step. However, I never download games released after 2005, usually because I'm working on a reasonably tight download quota limit, and I can't afford to waste my precious MB on a single game (GTAIV was almost 14 gig in the torrents I've seen! That's pretty much all my offpeak quota). The other, main, reason is that you can't have everyone pirating a game because that's how companies go out of business, so I support buying most games. My recent bought games include: the entire FEAR series (yes, all big boxed), Just Cause, Fallout 3 collectors edition, AITD5 collector's edition, Tomb Raider Underworld ultimate fan pack, Fallout 1/2/Tactics pack, and GTAIV PC. That's about $500-$600 there, so I can't feel guilty about not helping game developers:jmp:

A message to the moderators
Please don't lock this topic. I'm not advocating piracy in any way, I just want to see where people would stop pirating stuff and shell out precious moolah, since about half the people I know are serious piraters. Also, this is an era of major piracy, so it'd be interesting to hear the responses.

29-01-09, 10:02
Pfft.. like I'm gonna tell you.. :pi:

I don't do piracy. I let the other folks do it for me :mis:

29-01-09, 10:28
Piracy well thats a tricky one.

I don't do games, movies that i know i'll like (i'll buy/go see those)

music tho..........it's too easy too get what i want............so i do, however i'm not one of these people that has thousands of downloaded tracks.

At anytime i'll only have about 10-20 songs

P.s I own about 200 Music albums that i have legitimately bought and will keep on doing so, i only download the odd single.

29-01-09, 10:50
I download Music only as samples or if it's one particular song. Normally if I like a band/artist, I'll buy the album.

Never download movies. Buy the all.

Same with Games

29-01-09, 10:52
Don't download music because its pretty much all on youtube.

Don't download movies, rarely watch them these days.

Games, I will never download.

29-01-09, 10:55
I don't download games or music - don't have an i-pod so really no point
and games, I wait til I find them at their cheapest price.

Movies however I normally want to see before buying it otherwise I'll have another disaster like when I bought "Alone in the Dark" (I loved the games) and I was so annoyed I spent money on it!!

I can't afford the cinema, so between a really good movie being released at the cinema to DVD at a price I can afford.....:o

29-01-09, 11:26
I can't afford the cinema, so between a really good movie being released at the cinema to DVD at a price I can afford.....:o

That expensive? =o

29-01-09, 11:29
I download like errfang.

loves it ^_^

29-01-09, 11:41
Who's daft enough to download about 8gb+ for a game anyway? might aswell buy it.

I download music sometimes, it's sort of like listen before you buy anyway.

I haven't downloaded a movie for years, I rent DVDs.

29-01-09, 11:46
Music: I download the odd song or two, but most of the time I'll download an album and if I like it I'll buy it. If not I'll delete it.

Films: I used to download them, but it took two hours to download and then another two-three hours to convert to DVD format and burn... I'd rather just buy the DVD.

Games: I used to have my PS1 chipped, but ever since I buy games.

29-01-09, 12:01
I download movies and TV-shows. Why? Because my usual download speed takes about 15-20 minuter per movie, walking all the way down to the rental store takes a lot longer. :p

29-01-09, 12:14
I download movies and TV-shows. Why? Because my usual download speed takes about 15-20 minuter per movie, walking all the way down to the rental store takes a lot longer. :p

So in other words, you're lazy? :p

29-01-09, 12:15
To be honest, I draw the line simply at selling the things you download. That's what really screws the honest downloaders up. :p

Personally, I download music, but if I like what I get I eventually buy the CD. I prefer to have the originals anyway. I also download movies that I can't normally find on DVD. Things like software and games I just can't be bothered, they're usually huge and sometimes come with virus, etc.

Legend Killer
29-01-09, 12:18
You left Applications off that list.... ;)

As for what you've got listed there:

Music: Not so much anymore. I have pretty much everything I want from back in the good old Napster days when it was a free-for-all. :tmb:

Movies: I can't be bothered to buy any movies. Don't see the need to own them personally. I have NetFlix and Love it. :)

Games: Been there, tried that. If I like it I go ahead and buy it.

As for my added category... No comment. :mis:

29-01-09, 12:19
I don't do it at all, if I want something I buy it.

I do prefer downloading stuff (via iTunes or Steam) over physical items, though, since no matter what, I'm all going to have it on my computers in the end anyway so I don't need that clutter.

29-01-09, 12:20
Music: I do have a vast CD collection but sometimes it's hard to find just that one song, so I download from various sources :p

Film: Usually other people download it & I MAY get it, I usually watch at the cinemas or on TV.

Game: I usually borrow other people's games :o Except for TR :)

29-01-09, 12:56
I admit nothing hahaha. And by that I mean everything ;)

BUT if it's something I REALLY love, I will go buy it, because I like cover art, and special features and having a warranty as well ;)

Legend of Lara
29-01-09, 13:00
The only music I download are anime and game soundtracks. I buy everything else.

I don't download movies.

The only games I download are non-commercial games and ROMs.

29-01-09, 13:20
I'm too damned paranoid to pirate anything. Viruses and all that.

29-01-09, 13:20
Tomb Raider Forums draws the line at one byte of data you didn't purchase. Thread locked.