View Full Version : Int 2 Hat Design Project

29-01-09, 20:20
Hello there.

For my Intermediate 2 Art Design Project, we are focusing on Hat Design. We've just started on a long term assignment to produce a hat based on either a character from a film or musical, or we can choose another idea to focus it on.

I need some help making choices and I've decided that I would keep you all up-to-date on how it's going in school.

Up to now, having only just started on Tuesday, we have to think of a client or idea to base the whole design on, and I. Am. Stumped.

I'm looking for some good ideas that I could use base some sort of headwear on.

Some Ideas I have are:

Photography:- Using Poloroid and negative film to create the hat.
Movies:- I'm thinking of a top hat with an old film reel as the base, with a strip of screens from my favourite movies as the film, winding to a projector or DVD on top.
Princess Nefertiri from The Mummy Returns:- I'm thinking of an Egyptian styled crown with beads, and scarabs, and other things typical of that time period.

Any thoughts? Ideas?