View Full Version : Beyoncé Single Ladies SPOOF (Barack Obama)

Lara Coft Baby
30-01-09, 04:25
Theres this guy on youtube that dose a pretty good impression of Obama. And he did a Spoof of Beyoncé Single Ladies. Its pretty funny, I like watching him dance its funny :vlol:

Beyoncé Single Ladies SPOOF (Barack Obama)

30-01-09, 11:07
that's better than beyonce:hlol:

Lara's Backpack
30-01-09, 11:13
He did actually dance on Elen awhile back :D I dont even watch that show, but it was great! :p

30-01-09, 11:26
lol go Obama.

Lara Coft Baby
30-01-09, 22:44
that's better than beyonce:hlol:

Yah her version is annoying but his is pretty good lol

30-01-09, 23:10
This is hilarious! :D