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30-01-09, 07:13
We're studying heroes and villians this semester in English, and this term we're doing mythological heroes and villians. I'm replaying the Crystal TRs to get a recap of what some of the Norse gods' purposes were in a fun way. Should I go Anni, Legend, Underworld (chronological)? Or do it Legend, Anni, Underworld?

Also, I have homework this weekend to answer a few questions on a mythological character of my choice. I wanna do one from the series. Any suggestions?

30-01-09, 09:17
You could probably just play TR:U - because there's nothing about the Norse in legend or TR:A.

As for answering questions on another character from the series, I'd personally I'd go for Seth, Horus or Thor.

30-01-09, 09:27
Why don't you just research on the actual myths instead of playing TR? :whi: Or at least you could watch "Beowulf" or "Troy" which are entertainment movies about mythical heroes. Sounds to me like there isn't much educational material in the games because they invent a lot of stuff so you might be deceived. :o

30-01-09, 09:46
It's not just necessarily Norse myths we're doing, but it'd be fun to play the games and learn a bit anyway :)

How much of the game's myth basis is made up?

30-01-09, 10:05
Well, with that Atlantis / Avalon storyline they have mixed up a lot of myths together to connect them all, which of course is fictional and might lead to confusion. I think it's much more interesting to read more about them than what the games suggest, because really mythology is entertaining enough in itself. :D

Personally, if I had to write about that subject I'd choose greek mythology because more than just gods, it is also rich in heroes and their adventures: Hercules (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herakles), Achilles (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Achilles), Odysseus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odysseus) (my personal favourite!), Jason (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason), Bellerophon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellerophon)...... Awesome stuff. :)

30-01-09, 10:20
Hercules is too... "stereotypical hero", I suppose. Big strong man who fights evil. I like Norse myth better :)

30-01-09, 10:55
Hercules is too... "stereotypical hero", I suppose. Big strong man who fights evil. I like Norse myth better :)

Lol. There's a lot more to Hercules than the Disney story but whatever. :p

30-01-09, 11:52
Okay, okay, I admit that I don't know much about Hercules outside of that Disney rubbish, but I skim-read the Wiki article you gave me the link to, and it seems kinda similar... also, he had thousands of male lovers? Ouch.

30-01-09, 12:30
Do not play TR for educational purposes unless you want an F. Go to a library and read b**ks.

30-01-09, 13:19
I'm not playing them for educational purposes. I want to have a fun time preparing a assignment derived from a Norse character from the TR series, basically. That's why I'm playing it through.

Of course I'll do other research, that goes without saying.

30-01-09, 13:55
^ In that case there was really no norse characters in the game other than the thralls, Thor was merely mentioned. So you probably wanna research on him. Though he is a god, not a hero per se. For norse heroes, check out Beowulf or Siegfried (Sigurd (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigurd)).

30-01-09, 14:00
The Norse stuff in Underworld isn't accurate to the mythology, so you had better just read a book or Wikipedia or something.

You can enjoy the game of course, but it has nothing to do with the true mythology and is a poor way to do research.

30-01-09, 14:06
Pantheon.org (http://pantheon.org/) is a good resource on mythology.

just croft
30-01-09, 14:22
Hercules is too... "stereotypical hero", I suppose. Big strong man who fights evil. I like Norse myth better :)

:(, It would be best for you to search for info over the web and most importantly in books, instead of playing TR.

31-01-09, 09:42
Oh alright :p I won't listen to TR but I'll still have fun playing through them again.