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05-02-09, 00:28
The Movie Quotes Game

I saw a game here a few weeks ago based on Music, so decided to start one on movies, see how it pans out.

Game Rules are simple:

Person A enters a quote from a movie.
Person B replies, completing the quote or the next line and adding which movie it comes from.

For Example:

Good Morning Angels

Good Morning Angels, Good Morning Charlie! - Charlie's Angels

Other Rules:

Don't make it too obvious, leaving one word for someone to fill in.
Don't be too short, You can't leave "Hey there" and expect anyone to get it.
Don't take it from an unknown movie, try to keep it movies most people could quote from.
If it's a movie from a series, and there's a chance of the phrase being used in both like my example above, accept the series name.
If you are absent for 24 hours, anyone can post a new quote.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

Here's the first one:
"Shoot the Wings..."

05-02-09, 01:49
off the fly-fox,wanted

05-02-09, 08:03
That's it!
Okay, it's your go. Not to difficult! :)

05-02-09, 21:12
k then

""our parents can't be..."

05-02-09, 21:16
"...spy's, there not cool enough to be spys!"


05-02-09, 21:56
yup,ur go!

06-02-09, 00:30
whelp... its been three hours and a new quote hasn't been posted yet. thread killer!

"Shall we play a game?" <--- who said it, and what movie was it?

06-02-09, 00:37
Was it Jigsaw is Saw? I don't know if anything was said after...except possibly screaming.

06-02-09, 00:39
No that was "I want to play a game" I think

I might watch that movie actually...

Is it from Wargames?

06-02-09, 00:41
yes... you are correct about Wargames titi... but who/what said it?

06-02-09, 00:44
yes... you are correct about Wargames titi... but who/what said it?

I dont know! lol Matthew Broderick's character I dont remember the name...

06-02-09, 00:54
it wasnt a person. :whi:

06-02-09, 01:15

06-02-09, 01:16
very good! :tmb:

06-02-09, 01:28