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07-02-09, 02:15



07-02-09, 03:15

I loved how the other reporters just didnt care and went on with the show. :p

Camera Obscura
07-02-09, 03:24
What the hell was that!? She collapses and a big prompt falls on her and the reporters act like that's a norm or something! :vlol:

I do hope she was okay afterwards. :(

Lara Coft Baby
07-02-09, 03:44
Thats lame dude the other reporters just sit there like nothing ever happened.

07-02-09, 03:51
:vlol: Poor woman :vlol:
As many already said, the worst part is that, she collapses, goes to the floor, a piece of the scenery falls on her head and the only reaction of the guy is to look worried and then move on :p

Sir Croft
07-02-09, 04:12
The other reporter didn't even look back!

07-02-09, 04:52
The other reporter didn't even look back!

lmao :vlol:
She must be all like "Take that, you whore"

07-02-09, 04:53
:vlol: Ok that actualy made me laugh, the guys all freakin out and the other chick doesnt even notice lmao.

07-02-09, 13:17
:vlol: OMG! That poor woman!

The other woman didn't even turn around! :vlol:

07-02-09, 13:18
Probably had the production team yelling in their ears "Carry on Carry on!"

Lara Croft!
07-02-09, 13:38
That poor woman.... But the show must go on... LOL!!!!

07-02-09, 13:39
Probably had the production team yelling in their ears "Carry on Carry on!"

Exactly, which is awful. They should have turned the cameras off immediately, then had a voice over apologise for the programme going off air.
I feel sorry for that woman, I hope she was all right. :(

07-02-09, 13:42
Oh my god!

It looks like the other woman had already departed to 'dreamland' too. I can't believe she didn't notice that! Or does that happen so often it becomes normal? :confused:

Indeed, the show must go on..:o