View Full Version : Tomb Raider Novels

07-02-09, 16:55
Do you have to read these in order? I just got the 2nd and 3rd novels from my local library but they didn't have the 1st one. I really want to start reading these two, but need to now if I should read the 1st one first.

07-02-09, 17:05
AFAIK, you don't have to read in order; but I am not sure. So if you wanna read then, go and read... ;)

07-02-09, 17:55
What's the title? So far I only have 'Amulet of Power' and 'The Lost Cult'.

07-02-09, 17:59
You don't need to read them in order. Although The Amulet occurs between TLR and AOD and the Lost Cult is set after AOD. I then read the Man Of Bronze.

I loved them all, I wish they'd make more TR novels.