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07-02-09, 20:57

I remember a good few years back (maybe 4-7, not entirely sure) there was a show that I am positive was shown on either BBC1 or BBC2 (and was a UK show).

It was kind of a game show, but was infact a series with the same contestants but with someone killed off every week, it was shown every Saturday (I think, definetly at the weekend).

The premise was crime investigation/detection, this police martial (who I think was bald but had the sides of his hair shaved in and a moustache/facial hair) was dealing with a murder had happened at a wedding and upon searching the church, which the contestents did, clues were found (i'm sure there were photos and some writing in blood). During each episode two of the contestents would follow a lead to investigate one of two areas...on contained a vital clue to the case, the other contained the murderer of the case who would kill the contestent off of the show. I specifically remember that the final took place in two warehouses, the two final contestents choose which of the final leads they wanted to chase to track the killer to their hide-out - one had the killer at the end of the maze in the warehouse who killed the contestent in there while the other contained the police martial (who was the 'presenter') and he revealed that the winner (who I am positive was a young girl with blonde hair) had choosen the correct lead and solved the case.

Each week when the contestents would choose their lead the maze they would enter was ALWAYS dark and filmed with a night vision camera, the maze would be set up like an area with maybe scare affects like actors, things falling smashing and such.

Can ANYONE tell me the name of this show, I watched it a few years back and loved it, even as a young child, but have never remembered the name of the show in the hopes of maybe watching a few clips of it.

Any help is MUCH appreciated! :D

[EDIT] If it helps it was a serious show, shown late at night, not like a kiddy game show. It did deal with murder and stuff...Oh! this is SO ANNOYING! :(

07-02-09, 21:08
I remember an old program called The Mole which matches some of the things you mentioned...but I can't really remember much about it, so perhaps there are a lot of differences too. :confused:

07-02-09, 21:19

Found it! :jmp:

The Murder Game...lmao, how original. :D


Thank god for old news reports. :)

07-02-09, 22:25
I am quite surprised you didn't know what the show was before you posted you seem to know alot about it.. :D

07-02-09, 22:31
I am quite surprised you didn't know what the show was before you posted you seem to know alot about it.. :D

Yeah, I remember lots about it cause I used to watche it back in 2003, but the name totally left me. ;)