View Full Version : Tr3g flight patch randomly stopped working!

08-02-09, 21:22
its been like a few weeks since i have played TR3G with the flight patch and when i went to play it today and pressed f she wouldn't fly!!! it worked fine before! does anyone know whats wrong?? and im sure the capability mode is set to windows 98 and i tried 95 to. help!

08-02-09, 23:27
Have you run Multipatcher as recommended HERE (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=142203)?

What level are you on exactly?

08-02-09, 23:40
well i tried the multipatcher, still dident work.

but i tried downloading the flight patch and tried to open it but it wont stay open! it closes right when i open it!

09-02-09, 06:08
Disable DEP (http://www.tombraiderwiki.com/index.php/DEP) service and try again.

BTW, what patch exactly have you downloaded?