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Anne Boleyn
14-02-09, 19:39
Hey all, just thought I'd ask if anyone here is a fan of Summer Heights High? If not, I definitely recommend it :D Quite possibly one of the funniest television programmes I've seen in years. Ja'mie King is my new idol!

"I'm pumped for the formal!!!!!!"

14-02-09, 20:28
I love Summer Heights High. Quite an original show, as in one guy playing all 3 main characters.


14-02-09, 20:29
Love it:D

Anne Boleyn
14-02-09, 20:43
Lintal, I LOVE your avatar! HAHAHA! "You are SO hot, Ja'mie!"

I have to say, as much as I love her, Mr G is my favourite - have you seen the deleted scene, "Thank God you're here... where've you been, *****?" ... "You've been having an affair with a Chinese man! Take your bloody China-man hat and go!" LMAO! Amazing stuff!

Also, how much does Annabel Dickson: The Musical HAVE to get made!?!

Anyone who doubts the genius of this show only has to find the youtube video, "Mr G Movement Full Piece"... funniest and most BIZARRE 6 minutes of footage in human history!!!

14-02-09, 21:27
All the characters are so true.

Ja'mie reminds me of the typical high school *****!

14-02-09, 21:34
ive done the thing jona does in one episode where he hides behind a car and smacks the bumper, i did it 5 times and nearly got the police involved

14-02-09, 22:01
Very funny show indeed haha, Chris Lilley is awesome.

Anne Boleyn
14-02-09, 22:46
I think the reason the show is so good is that Chris Lilley really does BECOME the characters - you can actually forget that Ja'mie is a fully grown man! The scenes, too, are just so true to life - I think we've all been in classes with a disruptive character like Jonah - and the Miss Wheatley character's reactions to him are spot on!

Hilarious scene I just watched - Mr G resigning:

"I'm so sick of this Margaret, I'm GONE! Here's my letter of resignation and here's some flowers for my dead dog. Why don't you stick those up your fat arse?" LOL and then he storms out shouting "**** OFF EVERYONE... I'M GONE!" and no one even looks up! :L :L

Another monument to Chris Lilley's acting talent - watching 'We Can Be Heroes', the predecessor to Summer Heights High, I nearly cried when one of his characters died. I'd actually forgotten I was watching a spoof documentary with a man dressed as a woman! Awesome!

14-02-09, 23:39
I love Summer Heights High!!

Chris Lilly is a genius.



Lara's Backpack
15-02-09, 00:20
I loved this show, Ja'mie was my favourite. She portreyed the whole private/public school gap so well, it was hillarious!

Nenya awakens
15-02-09, 00:24
it is hilarious!

has anyone watched his other show "the nominies"

it brings ja'mie king back as she gets nominated for australian of the year, it's hilarious.

"be good, feed a black child" hands a black pupil a $20 bill and then snatches it back

.also a woman who wants to roll across australia
.a twin who donates his ear drum to his brother
.and ja'mie who sponsers 100 black kids in africa but they all get wiped out by a flood and she has a tantrum because she feels wont win because of it lol

15-02-09, 02:16
Ranga!!!!!! lol

Love this show, Chris Lilley's a genius, Jonah was defs my favourite character :D

15-02-09, 12:00
I never really "got" this show - that doesn't mean I didn't find parts of it funny, but eh. It just hurts my head.