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Soma Holiday
17-02-09, 17:56
I have to perform a monologue for a class and it has to be from a recent time frame and within my culture...

so I need a white girl between the ages of 15-35 with no specifications, like she can't be catholic, irish, jewish, ect.

Can anyone help me out? I don't even know where to begin. :( It can't be from a monologue book either, so I have to find a play...I haven't read any plays recently. It has to be within the last 30 years or so...

Any help would be amazingly awesome. :hea:

17-02-09, 17:59
try looking here:

how long exactly does this monologue have to be?
and why does it have to be non religious character? or does this simply mean that she cant be talking about religious/political/cultural matters?
can you not just write something up original?

Soma Holiday
17-02-09, 18:03
thanx for the link...I'll have to see what I can find. :hug:

it can't be religious or of an ethnic background because I don't have those traits. the teacher doesn't want us escaping our self and trying to play someone else yet. It's a beginning class, so I guess she doesn't think we are ready to play something we aren't. I'm not Catholic, Irish, or Jewish, so I just put those as examples that I couldn't use.

I'm pretty much just a plain 19 year old American white girl. lol

17-02-09, 18:12
I gotcha.. why didn't the teacher provide something though? I always thought that drama classes provided materials. Or at least would say "go check out this book and choose something from it" :confused:

are the schools where you live lacking in funds to provide adequate educational materials?

Soma Holiday
17-02-09, 18:19
lol. I wish. i'm in college taking an intro to performance class...they don't provide anything after high school. :(

17-02-09, 18:36
Does it HAVE to be a monologue? Or can you write one or edit a part of a script into a monologue? I know this play called 10,000 cigarettes, it's 10 minutes long and all the characters have lines that are chained so you can easily connect them all and still perform it solo


Read it and try it out, let me know if it works :) I know another play called The Caged Birds, but I can't seem to find it online. It has so many phenomenal monologues, I'll check for the script with my drama teacher tomorrow if you'd like ^^

Soma Holiday
17-02-09, 18:41
OMG! I love that one!!! :hug:

It's so cool! I'll have to ask my teacher if it'll work, but I can see myself doing that. I've never smoked, but I think that will be great either way!

I'd love to read the other one too! I don't want to trouble anyone, but I'd love to read it if the monologues are good.