View Full Version : What will Square-Enix's takeover of Eidos mean for TR?

24-02-09, 13:08
I am really starting to enjoy the TR games, incredibly much actually. Yesterday i finished Underworld,now playing the DLC for it, awesome stuff. And i really hope we get some great other future Tomb Raider games with improvements and stuff.

But this ' takeover' from Square has me kind of worried....Square is the last developer i had thought of buying Eidos, they are mostly known for their RPG's.....where does Lara fit, in there? Crystal Dynamic may have mad three TR games now....this doesn't mean they have the rights over it, right? It still is Eidos, meaning...it is now Square-Enix's?

24-02-09, 13:24
If anything it will be for the better.

24-02-09, 13:24
check out the future TR games section (sub forum of Underworld section). there's a really long thread there already where people talk about this. ;)

24-02-09, 13:35
Thanks , i have just replied there :)