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25-02-09, 17:16
I'm wondering how some of you handle this when you can't exactly rest at normal hours. Sometimes my job gets me to work overnite then I can't get back into a pattern, so it's normally 1 hour rest with me either struggling with my eyes shut, or waiting late in the morning till I'm actually tired again. I can't keep this up because it has affected everything from my attitude to my health and I think I'm starting to get the shakes from it.

25-02-09, 17:34
I have really bad insomnia. There have been times when I've been awake for solid weeks straight. As of yet, I haven't really been able to handle it properly but since I'm in my last year of secondary school and I have very, very, very important exams in June, I've had to resort to sedatives...which are an absolute *****.

25-02-09, 19:23
I'm not too bad with sleep. But I always seem to be more awake with less sleep...I think that happens with most people...strange ain't it? :D

25-02-09, 19:24
I'm not too bad with sleep. But I always seem to be more awake with less sleep...I think that happens with most people...strange ain't it? :D

Same here, I guess it's just because your body gets used to the rest.

25-02-09, 19:29
yep.. my sleeping patterns are irregular too. It tends to be worse when my mind is more active. This usually happens when I worry about something. I think I'll try starting meditation or something. lol

25-02-09, 20:13
Not much of a disorder as it is that mind just will not shut up which prevents me from sleeping.

25-02-09, 20:27
Try melatonin. It should be in the vitamin aisle.

25-02-09, 20:48
I used to have really messed up sleep patterns.
3.15 PM till 3.15 AM I could sleep.

25-02-09, 21:13
Did the same pretty much and got up just now, still feel kinda rotten. I was planning on getting my bills taken care of today but I guess there goes that idea.

25-02-09, 21:33
I don't sleep well at night at all,
Especially if I have been thinking about something in the day...
I usualy get to sleep at about midnight each night..and wake up about 7am each morining...
I feel hyper in the day...need chocolate to concentrate:p

25-02-09, 21:40
Touch wood I can sleep from when I go to bed, usually 11 or 12 - I had my bout of suffering when I was 13/14 and kept waking up at 3AM every morning scared to death for no reason, and having disturbing images flash through my mind and hallucinations of dead people/friends in the corner of my room. I'm glad I'm over that now O_O.

25-02-09, 21:45
I used to suffer bad insomnia. My doctor prescribed me some really strong go-sleep tablets, which I took for a couple of weeks to get me into routine. I'm not too bad now. :)

I tend to go to sleep really early on weekends, but go to sleep really late in the week. :)

25-02-09, 22:02
My sleep routine is horrible... I go to bed at like 3 am and wake up at 12 pm