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26-02-09, 14:56
The Return of American McGee's Alice

This was sure second (after TR) best game I have ever play! And gess what they are making a socond part!

So what do you think?

26-02-09, 14:58
I think that's great:D
I can't wait:)

26-02-09, 15:03
I think this should be in videogames and consoles section

26-02-09, 15:05
I haven't finished the first one, and I gotta admit that I said here before that am not a fan of it. It just seemed quirky. But I tried it again not very long ago, and I did like it.

I'll keep an eye out for it.

And I think this is better in the games board. :)

Alex Fly
26-02-09, 15:09
http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=147061 :wve:

26-02-09, 15:11
^ Beware guys, it's the mythical "link and wave" post of doom...

Alex Fly
26-02-09, 15:14
^ :D

Anyway I'll keep an eye on this continuation of American McGee's Alice too. The first one was great. :tmb:

26-02-09, 15:18
Please continue in the thread that Alex Fly linked to above.