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26-02-09, 22:01
Hey all :wve:

I'm on a two hour bus back from Glasgow with only the delightful beats of Chontelle and her T-shirt fetish-of-sorts blaring from someone's phone to keep me company, so I thought I'd post here.

I'm just on the way back from and English trip to see "An Inspector Calls" and I loved it. It was amazing, better than any production I've seen in the past few months, that's because it was the only production I've seen in the past few months. A quick plot synopsis for those who haven't seen it: It's set in 1912 where an inspector appears at the door of a family to interrogate them about the suicide of a girl. Interrogating them reveals that they've all had some part in the girls actions.

I loved how the company performing it showed the family going mad. However, I felt like I was the only person there who appreciated it as a serious piece of theatre, as everytime someone onstage moved, the hall exploded into laugher, a large percentage of the hall being fellow pupils from my school. I felt this was very disrespectful to the actors who had put lots of work into the show, only to be laughed at at very serious moments. What's even more... embarrasing is that other than Chontelle, all I hear is people around me saying, "I didn't like it, it wasn't funny, well when that guy jumped though it was hahahahahha!!1!!!!!!" and "Aw that was hilarious but I didn't get it LOL!!"

Has anyone else seen a production of this? Or read the book? Did you enjoy it?

26-02-09, 22:05
I read the book for GCSE coursework, I loved it, the plot at the end is baffling.
Shame those people didn't seem to appreciate the complexity of the play, although the story was intended to be slightly humourous/satirical, but I doubt they were laughing at that.

26-02-09, 22:07
Ah I read this book at school as well. It's a bit difficult to enjoy it when you're being force fed it. :p

Also we went to see a play of it, and one of my friend fell asleep half way through.

26-02-09, 22:08
I used to watch the tv program a lot, but it doesn't seem to be shown on some tv channels here these days. :(

26-02-09, 22:57
I've read that book! I really enjoyed it, can't really remember much about it it was so long ago.