View Full Version : Making tomb Raider videos???

27-02-09, 01:10
an example of what im trying to make:


i know you need to use windows movie maker but i dont know much more than that so any tips would be really helpful! :D

and i need to know where i can get tomb raider clips and the sound clip type things (ex: broccoli, cocnut, hotdog)

27-02-09, 01:31
make clips with zdsoft or other game recorder, like FRAPS or Game Cam

but to learn how to use windows movie maker - just open it up and its basically self explanatory - click the "import video" button to "import video" then you have the clips that will be broken up from that video - drag those to the bottom at the "story board" in the order you want them to appear.

you can trim out sections by clicking the "split" button while playing the video - then delete the new clip that will be added to the story board (this is the second part of the "split")

click "import audio" button to "import audio"
drag that audio clip down to the timeline.

those are the basics - you can read the application's help section to learn how to tweak the settings.