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27-02-09, 18:37
What activities/experiences would you like to do in your life, they could be big or small.Here's mine:

-Travel around the world
-Learn to ride a motorbike
-Get a tattoo
-Learn to ride a horse
-Sky dive

27-02-09, 18:40
- Being a doctor
- Having a "Rusky" dog named "Hayko"
- Having a few tatoos
- Parachuting and Paragliding
- Having a sports car/jeep
- Diving in a ocean
- Having all the DVDs, books I love
- Riding a motorbike and horse -yes, I want them too- :)

27-02-09, 18:48
I for one prefer to go with the flow.. never a big planer ahead:P Whatever came I just did.:D
But I guess : Make lots of money , would be a future ambition :D

27-02-09, 18:57

Lee croft
27-02-09, 18:59
get a decent job with decent money that i can live off .. i have that then i be happy

27-02-09, 19:08
I WANT A JOB. Everything else necessarily comes second to that because money makes the world go around. :p

After that I want to:
- Do a fine arts course
- Find a little place to live on my own
- Travel travel TRAVEL...
- Do voluntary service at least once (probably in Africa or Latin America)
- Not 100% sure about this one but I would like to live abroad sometime in the future, either in the UK or the US

27-02-09, 19:37
- And also painting pictures too... :)

27-02-09, 19:40
I don't plan ahead. I live each day at a time.

Anybody could die anytime, so why make future plans too far ahead. :cool:

27-02-09, 19:41
* Pay off my credit cards--and not build 'em back up!
* Travel more... (starts with an already planned Hawaii vacation in 2011)
* Do more romantic things with my wife... get outta the rut we're in.
* Go to a Wrestlemania.
* Go to an Orioles World Series game (they gotta help me on this, of course, and they've got a ways to go!)

And last (for now) but not least...

* Die..... and come back as a really hot woman! :cln:

27-02-09, 20:01
- Get a good job that I like and be successful at it.
- Keep my family close to me, and start a family with the one I love.
- Travel around a lot, see gorgeous places and help other people in need around the world.

27-02-09, 20:20
I would like to:

Travel more
Have more children
Write a book
Have more education, learn one more profession

But otherwise Im living my dream, I have everything Ive ever wanted.:hug:

27-02-09, 20:45
Make some $$
Travel to Greece, Rome, Egypt, and various other historical sites
Become an archaeologist as well as a mathematitian
Have lots of old friends to keep in touch with

27-02-09, 20:47
Write a book.
Travel to Africa.
Take Art GCSEs!

27-02-09, 21:29
- Travel
- Mean something to society, and be good at what it is I do for it (I've not quite figured it out yet :p)

27-02-09, 21:37
Something to do with the video games industry, well the art side. ;)

Studying hard at the moment for it. :)

And I would like to travel more, and help my family.

27-02-09, 21:41
I'd like to be a better person, overall.

27-02-09, 21:59
to make someone happy or to save someone like I did before

27-02-09, 22:53
To become a Game Programmer :)

28-02-09, 00:59
I'd like to add one more thing:

-See Bayern Munich play in the Allianz Arena :cool:

28-02-09, 02:14
- Travel the world

That is all. :)

28-02-09, 02:17
^ I second that!
I wanna see it all, the good, bad, ugly, and outright hilarious!

And I want to swim with a Great White WITHOUT a shark cage! (Yes I AM crazy!)

28-02-09, 02:22
1. climb whatever the tallest mountain is (not just the one with the highest peak elevation)
2. surf a 100 foot wave
3. snowboard down a double black diamond slope
4. go sky diving
5. go hang gliding
6. go over the Niagara Falls in a barrel
7. have children
8. be happy

(see the nature themes coming out?)

Indiana Croft
28-02-09, 02:26
Sky Dive
BASE jump
Hang Glide
Win an Oscar
Write a novel
Become a song writer
Write and direct a movie

28-02-09, 02:36
Well I believe in living everyday like it's the last because you never know when it all ends so I don't like making "future plans".
But I would like to become a better, more mature person and travel around the world. :)

28-02-09, 04:25
- Get an MFA in creative writing
- Possibly a PhD to teach creative writing?
- Get a tolerable job
- Move out of my parents' house and never have to deal with my father again
- Write a novel and/or short story anthology and see it published
- Become a novelist if my work does well
- Find a mate

Of all of these, the last is the one I spend the most time thinking about, and it's the least likely to happen. I'm just twisted like that.

01-03-09, 16:43
Travel mostly, I'd love to go to central asia.

other than that is just to make amends with people I've peed off in the past. Karma kind of thing if you know what I mean?