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Minty Mouth
27-02-09, 21:02

How about a Topic of discussion for the BBC1 school Drama? I dunno if its significant enough to warrant an entire thread (it was worth a try), but after Wednesdays episode I felt it had to be discussed!


I was absoloutely devastated that they Killed off Maxine! She was among my favourite characters, and went so un-gracefully! I tell you, I was almost in tears, at such a young age aswell. Anyone else felt that way?

Its always the characters with the best story lines that go isnt it?

Well Once i get over this shock, im sure ill be ready to watch next weeks episode.

Anyone else a fan?

27-02-09, 21:05
I've seen this, but to be honest it's just another Grange Hill.

It just reminds me of school too much so I don't watch it. :p

27-02-09, 21:53
I used to watch it, but it's not the same any more. :(

27-02-09, 22:00
I'm a big fan - I can only guess next weeks episode is going to be very depressing, the funeral and all I assume.. Damn, I felt so sorry for y'know, daayyaam!

27-02-09, 22:18
I can't beleive they killed her off! She shouldn't have dies. You always knew that if someone would die, Kelly would be involved.

Next week has to be the funeral, or atleast the planning of it.

27-02-09, 23:09
^Hey isn't that Karen Betts in your avatar? (I've forgotten the actress' name?)

Religiously watched series 1, watched first half of series 2 and dropped off from it, then came to series 3 for one episode and quit it until much later. This is series 4 now right? I watched the first couple of episodes then came back to it for this weeks episode, I may very well start tuning back into it properly from now on, Shed did really well with that episode. :tmb:
Steph has and always will be my favourite character.

27-02-09, 23:17
I watched it on and off when there was nothing else to do. It was the episodes where those kids went drinking and joyriding and had that road accident. Was this the 1st series? I dunno. But those episodes were quite good.

Minty Mouth
28-02-09, 11:16
The strangest part is that someone usually dies at the end of the series, but this time it was only half way through!

Im desperately hoping it will turn out to be a dream or something, I know people will be annoyed, but im even more annoyed at the whole death thing!

28-02-09, 12:33
The current series is the first series that I've watched, and I must say that I'm hooked. I can't believe they killed her off. I was in tears. :(

28-02-09, 16:20
I rarely watch it, but each time I have it seems like an okay show.

They have quite a few bad actors in it though :p