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04-03-09, 08:25
This story is to be published that I wrote (coming out in fall of 2009), but I thought that I would give you a smile sneak-peak of it. I write children's books and such and this is one about a girl, who dislikes boys as much as the next tomboy. A would wanna be baseball player, Casey is not the easiest little girl to get along with. She also lives in a small town, which gives her a bit of accent. But above ALL, she is way too blunt and overbearing sometimes. Enjoy the sneak preview. (Sorry if I have typos, I'm in a bit of a hurry).

"Hey batter, batter, batter!" Second base yelled. It was almost time for the big baseball game of all time. I'm not joking and to a fourteen year-old girl, who lives in Greenview Town, well, it's above the biggest thing that ever happens here. Greenview is small, quiet, and incredibly boring. Some fo the high school kids that live here in Greenview only get out of town doing business jobs, or by going into baseball, and that's if they are real good.
I live near the baseball field and well, let's just say I'm not always greeted when I want to go play. Boys. They think they know everything about baseball. Well, at least the ones in Greenview do. They think they're all shots because Susie and Daphne Porter think they're so cute, 'cause they play baseball. Man, you should see the looks on those fellows' faces when the girsl all crowd around them and they think they're the greatest thing on the face of the earth. Ha! I don't think so! The greatest thing on the face of this earth, or at least was on the face of the earth was Babe Ruth. Man, that guy could hit a homerun from Honolulu, Hawaii all the way to Denver Colorado, and maybe even further! Well, to get to my real stoey, none of the guys ever let me play with them, and that was on good terms. And you know why they didn't want me to play? Because I'm a girl! Man, I sure wish Louis was here. That's my big brother. I wish he could come down here and knock some sense into these boys, but unfortunately, Louis went to college on a baseball scholarship. I really think that I got to loving of baseball because of Louis, ever since I was little. When I was two, he taught me how to hit. I sure do miss him sometimes. Man, I think I've talked your leg off when it comes to baseball. Mom calls me "Casey-Gabber-mouth", 'cause I talk so much.
"Casey! It's coming your way!" Jimmy Warrens yelled to me. I reached for the ball and was ready to catch it, (almost in my glove, I do repeat), and Elmer Quinton, pushes me out of the way into the grass and catches it! Oh, when I get up, that boy better have the doctor's phone number on hand, 'cause I'm gonna beat the living daylights out of him!
"Hahahaha! Girls think they know everything about baseball, and in baseball, when you're playing with men, is that you can never, ever, let your guard down," Elmer taunted.
"You're gonna need a guard when I'm done with you!" I shouted racing for Elmer. Jimmy ran in front of me and held me back.
There you guys go.