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04-03-09, 16:35
This is a cool little game, just post either a fact you know or something cute about the poster above you.

Not only fun, but a cool way to get to know us forum members a bit more. :hug:


LaraIsCool: I <3 Lara.
MattTR: Is a big fan of Lara. :hug:

And so fourth. :)

Wana b like Lara
04-03-09, 16:38
MattTR likes Larson :)

04-03-09, 16:41
I remember a thread like this.... but it got closed:

Wanna b like Lara wants to be like Natla

04-03-09, 16:48
^ Ah, I remember that.. hope this doesn't get closed then..

Spikejones makes a valid point. :p

04-03-09, 16:53
^^MattTR looks to be one of the nicest people on this forum.:hug:

Lee croft
04-03-09, 16:54
starnger 1992 has an avatar

04-03-09, 16:59
Lee Croft wants to wrestle with Britney Spears

04-03-09, 17:07
Spike Jones has a rad surfer stomach. :D

04-03-09, 17:14
Has a lovely baby (if I remember correctly) :p.

04-03-09, 17:16
Lavinder is a happy cheese ! (... That was easy, yeah @_@)

04-03-09, 17:17
^^ is a fellow doppelite. :D

04-03-09, 17:24
Despite Keith being a member here for his 3rd third year this year, I still don't know him very well however, I know he posts often at the fan art area and has something good to contribute in most topics. Being a lover of the Doppelganger, he voted yes to see her return in some way in the future. He's a member of 12 social groups some of which I'm a member of as well and he apparantly wants to have Nate's babies!?

A nice topic actually, It helped me to learn more about another member. :tmb:

04-03-09, 18:13
Nice idea Matt! :tmb:

So I guess it would go something like this:

Tpam? haha lol (The Person Above Me)

They have a nice avatar! :tmb:

04-03-09, 18:29
The person above me likes Lara Croft and the pink colour.

The person below me won't know what to say as I'm new XD

04-03-09, 18:31
The person above me wasn't able to illustrate their avatar. ;)

04-03-09, 19:14
Jackles posted a lovely pic in thr TRF members thread recently!

04-03-09, 19:17
Oooh I love the Person Above You Game! :jmp:

The person above me lives in Ireland! WOO! :D

Lee croft
04-03-09, 19:26
the person above has a funny avater

04-03-09, 19:49
Always seems to be a nice person :)

04-03-09, 19:52
^Will often pop into a thread that mentions Halloween or The Burning. :p

04-03-09, 20:06
The person above me has 11,744 posts and counting XD