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05-03-09, 19:04
In this thread you can share your cat experiences or how your cats behave or anything about cats in general:)

To start,my cat Gem is a very outgoing cat. Today she was fighting with this big male and won. She seems to fight with males often, she once fought with a different big male and chased it out of our garden.It's funny that she doesn't stand for males or get on with them(a bit like humans:p) but is friends with a ginger female that lives a couple of houses along,they are like best buds:D

I think cats natural behaviour is interesting and I like how they still retain wild instincts while living a domesticated lifestyle.

How about you?

05-03-09, 19:07
LOL, its cat day on the forums!

I used to have a female cat named Sly who had a habit of "nursing" on people's hands... she'd wait til you were busy playing a video game or something, and then she'd creep up and begin to suck on your hand and doing that thing with her paws back and forth that kittens to do.

05-03-09, 19:08
Cats ♥
I have one, called Rex :) Rex is really lazy and he not are so angry! Love him ♥

05-03-09, 20:18
I think the member pets thread will suffice for this.