View Full Version : Most beautiful level? What do you think?

06-03-09, 00:33
What is the most beautifully designed level? I think The Deck in TRII takes some beating... especially the large shark pool with the raft in the middle... they had to be more creative with the older games... there are some incredible levels here...

Also some of the TRIII India levels... what are your most beautifully designed levels?

06-03-09, 15:05
Madubu Gorge in TR3. :)

Siberian Tiger
06-03-09, 15:08
The Coastal Village in TR3 was quite breathtaking. It had a lovely calming atmosphere but held that blatant feeling of peril. :)

06-03-09, 15:17
Tomb of Ancients/The Hall Of Seasons
Madabu Gorge

Lee croft
06-03-09, 15:18
city from tr3
navada from tr3
and thailand in tr:U

06-03-09, 15:34
I think they did fantastic with most of the levels, especially the outside ones. With limited drawing distance etc.. The best looking outside Level of mine was definately Tibetan Foothills. With such limited engine capacity, they still managed to make it look like it was REALLY outside and not just rooms with Blue painted on the ceiling to look like sky ^^

06-03-09, 15:38
Chronicles' Ireland levels look amazing and are definitely some of the most atmospheric ones.

06-03-09, 15:52
Cleopatra's Palace, Temple of Karnak, Lost Library, Set's Tomb, Temple of Poseidan - Tomb Raider Last Revelation (I love LR's level design!) :jmp:

Maria Doria - Tomb Raider 2

Thailand - Tomb Raider Underworld

South Pacific - Tomb Raider 3

Any part of Egypt - Tomb Raider Anniversary

St. Francis' Folly - TR1 and Anniversary

Ireland - TRC