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06-03-09, 00:58
Based off of the tracks available on TRC, what songs from the TR series would you put in a Greatest Hits Album?
1. Main Theme (TR1)
2. Venice Violins (TR2)
3. Main Theme (TR3)
4. Main Theme (AoD)
5. Dance of the Lux Veritatis (AoD)
6. Manor Theme (TRA)
7. Niffelheim Silence (TRU)
8. Amanda's Ship (TRU)
9. Mexico (TRU)

06-03-09, 01:10

but seriously... I don't pay attention to the music enough to really want to make a "best hits" album out of it.

06-03-09, 01:50
really? ok...

06-03-09, 01:54
I would say the theme for each game.:p

Also, I think a few select tracks from TRL/TRA/TRU would be amazing. I have a hard time choosing, so I can't really make a list.:o

06-03-09, 08:06
Hmm, the only song I purposely play a lot, which is even on my MP3-player, is:

1. TR2: Venice Violins

Though it doesn't happen at all as oten, other than that I may also play...

2. TR4: Boss 01
3. TR2: Home Stereo
4. TR3: Spooky Jungle
5. TR1: Main Theme
6. TR2: Main Theme
7. TR2: Snow Mobile

I guess that's about it for me...

tlr online
06-03-09, 08:10
Venice Violins would be by top choice too. I love that track.

06-03-09, 10:35
Only two tracks i play over and over from TR would be

-TR1 Main theme
-AOD Main theme

06-03-09, 11:05
TRL Bolivia Motorbike Chase Theme! I loved it from the first listen. I even put it in my mp3 and listen to it when I ride my bike. :D