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07-03-09, 19:03
Okay... so I was wondering what were some things that would shatter a person's foundation. IE... something that you may take for granted, but if you lost it - would shatter the foundation upon which you stand. It could be anything really. I was asked this question one time and the answer that I gave was:

Loosing the ability to see.

07-03-09, 19:22
Hmm, thats a tough thing to decide on, there are tons of things that make me who I am today. But I have to say that if my parents were taken out of the picture or changed I would be a totally different person, well I mean apart from the obvious thing that I wouldn't be born but take that out of the picture. All my beliefs and the way I think and go about my life is because of the way they molded me and I defiantly take them for granted and how lucky I am to have such great and nurturing parents.

07-03-09, 19:24
I'd have to say that losing the ability to communicate in general would probably cause society as we know it to collapse. No ideas would leave anyone's conscious mind, and we'd have absolutely no way to get ourselves out of the rut that we're already in.

07-03-09, 20:06
My intelligence... I'm not a very social person, very work-minded, and my ratio is pretty much all I have. Losing my intellect would pretty much destroy my life as it is. I have in fact been taking some medication that affected my memory and concentration, making me quite dumb in effect... It was a nightmare.

07-03-09, 20:19
Self-confidence and self-esteem.

Even if you're blind, you can be something (ofcourse, I am not wishing blindness for anyone), but when you feel depressed, a failure and lose excitement to do anything, you'll sink and hit rock bottom and will fail.

Edit: I hope I got the topic right, and what you meant by "loosing the ability to see", spikejones.

07-03-09, 22:43
well it could be different for everyone really. I think self esteem and self confidence are things that would be effected if I were to go blind - as a result of having my foundation shattered, but they could in time be rebuilt. I was kinda looking to see what are some things that different people feel that they could not live without (even though they most certainly could). Its like if I were to loose my sight, something that I take for granted but use every day - my whole world would be turned upside down. I couldn't take in the beauty (and horrors) of the world, I would have to rely on other people describing things to me, there would be loads of stuff I couldn't do anymore. I wouldn't be able to drive a car anymore etc.. I'd basically lose my ability to be self reliant in lots of aspects. And to me... self reliance is an important thing. Its not to say that I am not humble enough to accept help when I need it, but it would be tough for me at first because I used to be able to do so many things that I would never be able to do anymore. Sure there's lots of things I could still do.. but would I be able to enjoy them as much?

07-03-09, 22:55
For me it would be to become confined to a wheelchair or be bedridden for the rest of my days. I'm a very active person and not being able to do simple things like just go for a walk to the store, or go dancing with my friends would just break my heart.

Ward Dragon
07-03-09, 23:24
I don't really know what it would be for me, and if I did know I'm too paranoid to tell anybody :pi:

07-03-09, 23:33
This might seem very generic but: death of the people I love and becoming blind/deaf.

07-03-09, 23:46
Losing my daughter, or my intelligence.