View Full Version : Tomb Raider Merchandise circa. 1997'-99

08-03-09, 14:55

Just a quick one..

I can remember buying a few bits and bobs from either Core or Eidos in the late 90's that coincided with the first few TR games..

These included a beach towel (which i still own) that has Lara led on her side in a light green bikini holding a pistol. She is lying on almost white sand with a blue skyline. Lara's appearance is that of the classic's..

A 12" modular resin statue of Lara in classic (TR1) 'arms out to the side pose' holding two pistols.. She is stood on a relatively heavy, sandstone/brick patterned base. It is quite a fragile model. I found this statue in the attic last week, and was pleasantly surprised. As I thought I had long lost/broke it.

I think there was a watch and some minor clothing/rucksacks you could get to.

Anyone else pick up this stuff? (I think there was a flyer in the original TRII PS1 game case that advertised the goods)


08-03-09, 15:16
i have one of the rucksacks with tr3 lara on XD

08-03-09, 15:18
I have the Larazade bag with Lara hanging off the logo.